Friday, October 14, 2011

New Deco Supplies!!

Hello Lovelies~

 I am so excited! Today I received a great suprise when I woke up. Laying on my door step was a package I've been waiting for from my favorite Deco supply site, FULLMOON. Yuki is amazing. She responds quickly to any questions and sends out your order the day after she gets your payment.

In this order I received : 2 packages of 1000pc 2mm Clear Rhinstones
                                     1 package of 1000pc 2mm Light Pink Rhinstones
                                     2 small pink bows
                                     2 small black bows
                                     1 small Coco Chanel charm
                                     1 medium Coco Chanel logo

And now the pictures!

And I was shocked to see a special treat inside...

A free gift!

I received 1 clear heart, 1 pink heart, 8mm royal blue rhinstones, and 8mm beaded gold stars!

 I can't wait to finish the project I've been working on for my friend....

I got halfway through her phone case and ran out of rhinstones! So now I can finish  ^_^ ~*

                                                         And I did!

Tadah! I'm so proud of this ^_^

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