Thursday, May 26, 2011

Simple Yarn Hairbow

Hello Lovelies~

 This post is going to be quick, but I do have some longer indepth posts coming up in June with will cover a range of topics from getting started in Lolita with things you already have in your closet and reviews for a local Chocolatire I have fallen head over heel for.

So, on with the show, so to speak ^_~

I used my Cellphone as a base and wrapped yarn around it length wise until I had as much as I wanted, then carefully slid it off, making sure to not let it unravel. I then wrapped yarn around the middle and secured it with a knot when I was pleased with the look. I added an Alligator clip and Tadah!

 Here it is worn, but I'll have a better pictutre of it worn on Friday.

It may look odd, but I didn't think of having anyone else take the picture ^^;

 Hope you like it and try it for yourself. I didn't spend anything on this as I already had the supplies, but yarn isn't that expencive, maybe $3 for they multi pastel color type I used, and the hair clips are about $3 for a package of 5, so I hope you'll all go out and try this for yourself!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beauty in the Eye of a Storm

Hello Lovelies~

 Tonight I am watching a beautiful storm through my dining room windows as I sip hot sweetened tea and let my thoughts think about how stunning the sage-ish mint cream color the light has become. Most people don't like storms, but me...I love them.

Rain is cleansing and the rumble of thunder reverberates through my' if you stand outside for long enough, nature will cleanse away everything.

 I like that thought, and for this post, I'd like to share with you some styles inspired by nature!

Innocent World is always a great source of Gentle and Natural feeling clothing. This season, we are graced with beautiful roses and strawberries. As seen below.

The white and wine color is a gentle mix of organic and feminine. The feel of this piece inspires me to take a walk though the woods...

Below is a closer picture of this print.

 This print makes me want to go on a picnic and read classic books under a large blooming apple tree.

Metamorphose is currently working with chiffon and lace, but I did find one accessory that matches well with my nature themed meandering down the rabbit hole.

Fairy Garland. To my thoughts, these would be like wrist cuffs, only a little less tight and more like bracelets.

I've had my eye on this purse since before it offically came out in early spring. I love it and I loves the consept sketches for it! This purse makes me think of collecting flowers in a feild of wild flowers.

Baby the Star Shine Bright is very light and classic sweet this year, but nothing really feels natural and organic, but I did see a purse that would match well with and be the perfect way to end this post.

While I already showed you my dream Forest Maiden like purse, this tote bag is soft and elegant. It would be better for a change of shoes and a cargigan just in case the natural setting you find yourself in is not ideal to high heals and is hotter or colder than you previously thought.

 Do you like the Mori/Lolita mix?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrid star to the right and....

Who doesn't love a good Fairy Tale? Cinderella, Snow White,Sleeping Beauty,  Princess and the Pea, there are others, but each of these fairy tales have been turned into Brand Prints in this past year. (May '10 - May '11).

 But now we have a new Print to add to this wonderful list. .........Introducing.......Peter Pan!!!!

Ok, so it's techincally Tinker Bell, but's in the same story.

  'Night Fairy Fantaisia' is the latest print in the Alice and the Priates/Baby the Stars Shine Bright line up.  It comes in four diffrent colors, the Tan and Ivory color above is called 'Cloudy Sky'.

The above pair of super cute frilly Overalls is represented in the colors of Green and Off White. This colors is called 'Dreamy Planet'.

The JSK above called, 'Milky Way'. And it is shown in Navy and Navy.

'Starry Night' is a Black on Black design, though it is shown here in Black and Pink. I love this coloring.

 This line is on Pre-Reservation right now and the lovely clothes will be joined with....

A Double Side Bow.

A School Bag. This bag is big enough for school text books.

A pair of printed Socks.

A Necklace.

And a Hair Berret!!

I love this series! I hope to reserve the School Bag myself.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring purse and a Small tutorial how to

Hello Lovelies~

 This Easter was tight, not 'tight' in the cool way, 'tight' as in financially. So to save on the baskets and candy and everything else, (Which I later got on sale for 70% off ^_~ ), I made myself an Easter/May Day Purse. Something I could carry all summer! And I made it for less than $10.

Firstly, I went to my local thrift shop and went straight to their purse section. One never knows what kind of treasures they cane find there and low and behold, I struck gold!

Look how awesome this tote is? There is nothing wrong with it, and I got it for $1.55! I was so excited to add this to my growing straw bag collection. It was the perfect canvas to be creative with.

 So I looked around my house and found an old bunch of on the stem fake roses and I snipped the off, then hot glued them in the shape I wanted. As shown below...

I thought I was finished, but when I stepped back from it, it looked.....odd....

It needed more, so off to my local craft store I went and I got 5 inches of a pretty material and matching thread for about $5 and preceded to cut it into three pieces, One for the bow, one for the middle of the bow, and one piece for the long ribbon tails, Then I over lock stitched everything and tacked it in place with a few well placed stitches.

 This was the outcome!

Not the greatest pictures, but I'll have a shot of it actually carried with an outfit soon. I hope all of you had  great holidays!

 So to recap!!!

 1) Good purse = $1.55
 2) Bunch of roses and hot glue = (Free as I already owned them, but for the purpose of calculations...) about $3 total
 3) 5 inches of fabric and thread = $5


 So my total comes to.....$9.55!

Less than $10!

And to top it all off, I had a lot of fun!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Lolita Remote Holder!!

Hello Lovelies!

 I'm sure you remember this thing I made in March. It's strange and pretty, but for a whole month I couldn't figure out what to do with just sat on the table beside my couch and took up space. But after a small fit of cleaning, which doesn't happen often, I was able to not only get my living room looking lovely, but I found a use for this odd thing!

So I present to you....

 The Loli-fied Remote controel holder!

 I'm making my house frilly one strange item at a time ^_^



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