Sunday, January 23, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

I should've announced this over the weekend, but I figured Monday would be better, if only for the reason that everyone needs to start out the week on an fun note!

 The winner of my first ever giveaway is......


Thank you SO much for reading and Congratulations on winning!

A Special thank you to everyone who entered. It really meant a lot to me ^_^

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for Tea

Hello Lovelies~

     I loved the Orange Zinger tea so much, I had to go try the rest of the line, but when I got to the store all that sounded good was the Lemon Zinger, so I figured start small and work my way up to the more adventurous flavors.

I was so excited to try my new tea, I started the water the moment I got home! I opened the box and was immediately hit the the smell of sweet lemons and something dark. I couldn't place it at first and I'll admit it almost turned me off of wanting to try it, it was a very powerful scent, but rather than put it away as I'm prone to due with things I tend not to want to try, I flipped the box over and read the ingredients.

 Apparently, the dark smell in the back ground of the tea is Lemongrass, which I hadn't expected at all! It made more sense, as lemongrass tends to be a stronger, overpowering plant.

I steeped the tea for 5 minuets and when I poured my first cup it was like smelling warm lemonade! It was crazy.

My shadow took over the picture a little, but as you can see when steeped, the tea is a lovely amber color which actually look a bit more orange in person.

This is a tea that would be perfect to sip if one has a sore throat. It's gentle in the mouth and even when cold, has an added taste of warmth due to the lemon grass.  I added a tablespoon of sugar to my cup, then tried it, then added a small sprinkle more. When sweetened, this tea is like sipping warm lemonade.

 I really recommend this tea!

And as a bonus! I showed you my favorite tea cup last week, so this time I'm showing off my tea pot. It was hand painted for my mother six Christmases ago and holds three and a half cups of tea.   

What teas have you been sipping on lately?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Metamorphose Spotlight!

Spring has Sprung! ...Or at least the Brands are getting ready for it to. Spring prints are already on reserve, to be ready and shipped out by early March.

While looking about the brand sites to get a feel for where each designing house is going in the new year, I found the lovely new print from Meta and must say, I am very much looking forward to spring if this is what they are already showing the world!

 Introducing The Royal Rose Print! 

                                                              In Black


                                                               And White

This print is beautiful. A classic feel with the roses and deeper colors, while at the same time adding playfulness and richness though the jewelry and lace twined and twisted throughout. The bows add a touch of sweetness and give the print the ability to span the wardrobe.

 If you're a Classic Lolita, or Sweet, this is perfect for you.  It's also a great piece for those of you that want to play with the Hime side of things. It lends itself to being a true go to garment for any occasion.

This is the OP is Black, though when you order it, the flower and the upper right shoulder will be black. I like the triple flounce for the skirt and the square neckline, it give a playfully mature feel to the piece.

Next we have the Jumperskirt in Bordeaux. Unlike the OP, the JSK has Chiffon trim around the layers of the skirt, something I think adds to it's charm. The draw back of this piece is the top. I'm not to keen on the definition of the chest area, also done in Chiffon. It makes this piece limited to those with a smaller chest size. I don't think it would look good one anyone over a B cup.

 On the other hand, if anyone wanted to play with the Hime Gyrau look, this would a great piece that would let you play with that look, but return to Lolita when you wanted to.

Another great feature of this dress is the back. Simple, Mature, Very well done for the Lolita who has no defined style.

They do not have a Sample up for this dress yet, so I am holding back judgment until I see it completed.

 As for Accessories, this line will support a Half Bonnet...

A Head Bow...

And smaller hair bows on combs...

My favorite part of these tiny bows are the pearls. I think they are so adorable!

 Another Win for Meta in my opinion.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time for Tea

Hello Lovelies~

 Do you find yourself falling into a Tea rut? Always drinking the same thing over and over again until you can't distinguish one evening from the next? I have recently found myself in this spiral of monotony and have decided to break it!

I drink tea every evening, or I'm trying to at least. I drink tons of soda and juices though the day and have found that a warm cup of tea in a pretty cup is the best way to relax! But since I started drinking tea, I've only ever been drawn to black teas like Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and English Breakfast, all wonderful full bodied teas, but not great for bed and relaxation.

 So to change it up for the new year, I have invested in new tastes and have found myself so very very pleased with the results. Today I'd like to share the 'Tangerine Orange Zinger' Flavor I've fallen in love with.

As you can see, it's from 'Celestial', so it's available at any local supermarket and isn't specialized. When you drop the little bag of tea into the hot water, you get a warm burst of Orange, which is good because that's what it's supposed to smell like.

 Only let this tea brew for about 5 minuets, any longer and it's to strong, and less and you can't taste the beauty you smell.

When you open the pot to take the bag out, you'll see that the tea has turned out a vibrant rose color, which is so pretty! When I first saw it I was shocked and so happy! I love pink tea ^_^

 Then stir and and sugar to taste. This is already a sweeter tea, if you're like me and can add five spoons of sugar to black tea and still thinks it needs more, hold off and go slow with the sweetness until you find the right combination for you. I take this tea with a table spoon of sugar, but I love my tea sweet.

On a side note,  I tried adding milk once, just to see and taste the results and my advise is, Don't. Just don't.

                                                                    Bonus picture!

This is my favorite tea cup! I found it in an antique shop on my way back from a convention last year and have used it every tea time since ^_^

What kind of teas are you drinking this year? Is anyone trying new things?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Price vs. Priceless

I don't do it as much as I should, but I happened to be browsing though EGL on LiveJournal and saw THIS post talking about the amount of money spent on Lolita clothing and what the girls of the community thought and how they felt.

 I didn't feel like posting when I fist read it, but it stayed with me all night and I knew I had to comment in someway.

How do I feel about the money spent on Lolita and is it to much? Has it changed the way I buy clothes?

 YES! Holy god, Yes! I think as a combined group, if we invested even half of the money we spent on clothes into research, we would've cured Cancer by now. It's insane how much one Brand dress costs, not including shipping, customs, and maybe the shopping service fee depending on how you acquired your new addition.

I am constantly walking though the mall or my local Walmart thinking, 'ew....I wouldn't spend five dollars on that, let alone twenty.' I'm am so picky and discriminatory. I check the seams, read the labels of my clothes...I figure if I have to pay that price for something that isn't Brand, I want it to last.

So yes, my views have changed. I would never go out and buy a purse just because it was a Mark Jacobs or Ralph Lauren, but others feel the same way about my clothing choices. So to each their own.

 But the big question is not whether the money is 'to much' or if my shopping habits have changed. The question is, 'Is it worth it?' and to that I must say Yes.

Every piece I buy, Every piece I make, each and every addition makes my heart sing with joy. I can't put a price on that feeling. So no matter what I spend, the end result is the same. I'm happy.

 I hope you are equally happy with your style choices and wardrobes. I hope that each item you gather and hold close is something to treasure, from the smallest bow to the most adorable set of Tea Parties!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello Lovelies~

 Wow! 40 readers! I can't believe all of you awesome people who read my little blog, it makes my heart sweel with happiness!

To thank all of you, I'd like to have a small give away to show my appreciation!All you need to do to enter is Comment below and tell me what your favorite post of the last year has been. Make sure to leave your E-Mail or a way to contact you and I'll announce the winner in Two weeks!

 What will the winner receive you ask?

The Winner will get a cute set of hair bows and an assortment of small cute items.

 How will the Winner decided?

The Winner will be chosen by a random generator, so it's fair.

 Do I have to live in America to win?

NO! This is open to anyone anywhere!

THANK YOU so much for following me and I hope this next year is as fun as the last has been!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Product Review!

Hello Lovelies~

 I thought I'd start out the New Year strong and rather than tell you all of my resolutions like most, I've decided to do a Product Review!

I went out shopping on New Years Day, it was more like I went to Walmart and saw that Sally's Health and Beauty was open along the way, but shopping none the less. Sally's was having a 50% and More off select items sale and I couldn't help myself, I needed to know what they were selling for such great deals.

 I was disappointed to find that the sale was off the really top shelf items, but they had some awesome coupons for buy one get one off of Chine Glaze and assorted nails decorations sheets, which I'll post about later. This post is about the .99 cent conditioner packets at the counter that promised silk like luxury and increased moisture for dry hair.

The product is called 'Silk Elements' and it says it makes hair as 'Soft and Smooth as Silk'. 

I have dry hair and have tried tons of products promising smoothness that lasts into the next day, most which never work, but seeing as it was only .99 cents, I got two, just for fun and finally tried them out last night.

 As per the directions, I washed my hair, then towel dried it until it was still lightly damp. I then applied the packet, it said to use a quarter sized amount, then add extra to the ends if needed, but my hair falls past my waist, so I ended up using the whole thing.

I waited the allotted 3-5 minuets, then waited 10 minuets longer because I forgot about what I was doing ^^;

 I then rinsed my hair out and separated it, folding it into thirds and clipping it in place until it dried, like so...

Fast forward three hours and I was finally able to take pictures of the final results before I put it up again to go to bed.

 These are the results and my final thoughts.

I ~Loved~ the end result! It's so soft and even the next day it's still soft!!...though it's not smooth. It's frizzy in places, but the curls are still intact and for my .99 cent investment I'm extremely pleased. I am very willing to buy a full bottle of this when I go shopping next, I like it that much.

 I have one packet left, so I'm going to use it tomorrow so my hair looks awesome for running errands.

Everyone Enjoy the New Year and don't forget to bring Beauty into your lives!


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