Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello Lovelies~

 I'm just popping in to do a last post for 2011~ !!! I can't wait for 2012! It's going to be a great year.

Enjoy the night!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Lovelies!!~

 I hope your holiday is going beautifully! I thought I'd share my goings on with you and show you what me and my family got for Christmas ^_^

So first, I'm going to show off my tree!

 For the past few years, my mom and I have decorated a small white tree we found in a store and fell in love with rather than go out and buy the HUGE real tree. I'll be honest....I miss the real tree, but I don't miss paying $50 for one. And our tiny tree is faster to decorate.

We went with a Pink theme this year, so all of the ornaments were pink, the lights were pink, and out tree topper was pink! our tree topper was actually a Glinda ornament, but it worked ^_^

Next, the contents of my stocking!

Santa was so good to me this year!!

 Look, Hello Kitty key chain and Runts! And Santa got me a cute hair extension! I am so excited to try it out.

As for actual gifts I got an odd mix of awesome things and strange things. They are beautiful! But odd for me. Let's look.

Aristocats Socks! It's Marie!!!!!

Bambi socks!!! Thumper and Flower ^_^ I'm usually a shoe and sock nudest, but I need them for work, so these socks made me smile.

Lotion from Estee Lauder. It's from their ManiPedi collection. I am going to review this later.

Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid eye liner, something I am looking forward to using.

A new Mirror for my Vanity, which I am in the process of setting up in my room. Only a few things left to get until it's perfect!

Butterfly clips for my hair...

Nice trinket box.

Jungle cat necklace...

Gothic jewelry box....

Gothic styled necklace holder...

Chanel #5! I love this perfume!!

And My Moms gifts!

She got a Calvin Klein spring/resort dress. She is wearing it now and she loves it.

And a Thunder Cats T-shirt!

O.O....We got two things of Chanel?? No. Not really. This was a family gift and we both plan to use it.

Not for some bonus pictures ^_^

 This what I wore to go Christmas shopping the other day.

And a shot of my make up....

And for a final bonus shot, I ran into Father Christmas two nights ago while going to get pie ^_^

Please ignore the played down Pajama look. I was kidnapped at 11 at night for Pie and didn't feel like getting dressed back up to just run down the street.

 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever you celebrate, I hope it was full of wonder and happiness!~

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cute last second gifts for under $30!

Hello Lovelies~

 Is everyone excited for the holidays? I know I am ^_^ I love gift giving and the opening of brightly colors packages, it's a wonderful time of year! But with everything going on in our lives it's hard to get out to the shops and find those perfect gifts for friends and family.

I myself am on a budget this year so I thought I'd share some of the cute things I've found for under $30. Most of these gift ideas are from Etsy and I've found that Etsy sellers ship the next day and orders arrive within a week or so.

 Hello Kitty Macaroon Necklace = $12

I think this necklace is SO cute! I knew the moment I saw it I had to share it with all of you. I liked the macaroon craze when it was at the height of the must have list, but I never actually saw an accessory I wanted until now. It makes me want to get one for myself when the new years comes around ^_^

Kawaii Chocolate bar Mirror Necklace = $10

What a perfect way to look cute and keep your makeup looking just so at the same time. Available in both strawberry and chocolate, any Lolita would love receiving this on Christmas morning.

Tri-colored Bow and Pearl Necklace = $5

Both simple and cute, I find this would be a great gift for the Sweet Lolita in your life. A good stocking stuffer to be sure.

Pokadot 3-D Nail Art = $10

Is there a girl in your life that loves nail art? Just can't get enough of it? These are adorable and look well made. I have not ordered from this seller, but I plan to.

and my most expensive find........

 Pink and White Fox Tail = $25

I love fox tails. I am a big Renaissance fair fan and fox tails tend to be the thing. So when the fox tail trend hit the Japanese street trends, I knew I would love it, even if it was more in the Gyaru fashion than the Lolita one. This would add a hint of individuality to any outfit!

 Have fun this holiday season!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nail Art~ Roses

Hello Lovelies~

This is just a quickie post. Tonight I am throwing a holiday party! I have lots to do to get ready still, but I wanted to show off my nails!

Roses! Cute huh? it took a long time to dry, but it was so worth it ^-~

 More pictures tomorrow~

Friday, December 9, 2011

All the Small Things...

Hello Lovelies~

 Seems like a lot has happened to me over the last few weeks, and yet, in the same time, it's like nothing of monumental importance has occurred. But isn't that with life is? A series of small joys all clustered together to make a full and exciting life.

So! Where should I start?.....How about with the newest acquisitions to my room?

 The other day I was at Walmart and saw the most beautiful black and white pictures that I just had to have. At the time of my not quite impulse buy, I wondered what I was going to do with them. I'll be the first to admit that these pictures don't fit in with the Rococo theme I'm going for in my room, but I knew I couldn't pass them up.

I took them home, put one of them up and found I didn't have another free nail to hand the second, so while it's not hung, it's still displayed.

 Want to see the pictures???

Ta da!!! Two of the most beautiful women in all of history. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. If I could find a picture of Elizabeth Taylor, I'd be completely content.

 International Lolita Day, the winter version, just passed and while I stayed in most of the day and watched Doctor Who all day, I did go out and get new slippers. They are super cute and they support breast cancer awareness.

See the ribbons on the side? I plan to remove those and reposition them on a more cute design. ... But that's another post....

And for my final joy of the week, as I told a friend just the other day, I have been obsessed with nail polish lately. My favorite color of my latest purchaces, is 'Warm and Fozzie' by OPI.

 OPI released several colors for 'The Muppet Movie', which was a great movie by the way and if you haven't seen it yet, you should. From 'Pepe's Purple Passion' to 'Excuse e' Moi' all of the colors were wonderful. Sadly they are limited edition and 'Warm and Fozzie' was the only color the shop I was in had left.

It's a beautiful gold chocolate tan color with deep inset shimmer. It takes two to three coats to get it looking on the nails like it does in the bottle.

This is after three regular coats. not to light, not to thick.

 So, that is my past week in a nut shell! Hope you enjoied it and I hope to hear from you soon ^_^ Look forward to my up coming posts where I show off my newly designed slippers ^_~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Lolita Evolution

Hello Lovelies~

 This is my 100th Blog post.....O.O WHAT!?!?! I swear! I never thought I'd get this far, but I have and Thank all of you for sticking with me and reading my articles, tutorials, outfit posts, reviews, and general life updates. I wouldn't have had so much fun doing this with out all of you! So thank you thank you thank you!

Ok! So it took me a long time to think of something big to do for my 100th post. Should I do a sewing tutorial, or a day out with friends, or even a Vlog! ...I quickly nixed that last one, but I'm thinking I might start doing one once a month or so...>.>....maybe ^_~

 But what I finally decided on wasn't actually my own idea. The credit for this post goes to my friend Den, who was on the phone with me for about an hour while we brain stormed. Now we didn't talk about this the whole time, but at one point in the middle of a talk about Christmas plans and how to decorate our respective trees and all of a sudden she says, 'Why don't you do a post about how far you've come as a Lolita?'

Now I've been a Lolita for ... 6 years now.'s hard to think it's been that long. I have come a long way in my Lolita journey and while I don't have tons and tons of pictures, because I'm usually the one behind the camera rather than in front of it, or at least back then I was, I do have a few from the bad days, the they super casual days, to the better days, to now. Let's take a look!

Even though I started a few years before this picture was taken, I was still trying to find my way in the world. I made the skirt myself, as well as the mini top hat. The shoes were the fanciest shoes I owned and the top was a black tank top over a white shirt. Note the no socks...yeah. I wasn't an Ita by any means, but I wasn't doing it exactly right either.

 I still look back on this picture and smile. It was a good day with great friends and it reminds me that I didn't just appear fully frilly! I had to work on it and it was a slow going learning process. This picture always reminds me to be nice to new Lolitas. To remember that not everyone gets it right the first time.....or the whatever time this was two years later ^^; But all it takes is the right suggestions to see them bloom.

Oooo. Don't I look better? I think this was taken in 2009, or maybe 2010, I can't remember.... Note I am wearing the same skirt! *Blush* Lol I have lots more skirts that I wear regularly, but that skirt likes to be photographed apparently!

I decorated the straw hat, made the skirt, and am carrying a Metamorphose parasol. You can't see it, but I swear I have socks on this time!

Wow! Look at that! I look like a fancy Lolita!!! Lol. This was taken...spring-ish of 2010 I think, hard to be sure, but it was a lot of fun. I am wearing a shirt I bought at Walmart, Shoes from Payless, socks from Metamorphose, a skirt from ITS, rings I made myself, and the parasol is Metamorphose was well.

Again, taken sometime in 2010 I think. I was with the steampunk group, of which I am the only Lolita member and they don't mind ^_^.  Wow my hair was short back then....Anyways. The skirt is ITS, the socks are Meta, the shirt is from Walmart, and the headbow is from Meta. You can't see my nails, but they are black and white with large bows on them. They were my first attempt at Deco nails and they worked!


This outfit was done late Fall/Winter when I wasn't expecting it to be as cold as it was. So while I made the cute ear muffs, the furry goggles that went so well with the outfit were my friend Elizabeth's and the cloak was my friend Joe's. They were awesome to help silly me with my non thinking ahead issues ^^;  It was a very Steampunk Lolita look, but it didn't actually hit the mark. I had fun with it though and would play and crossing the styles again given the chance.

January 2011 I think...maybe a hint later. We shot in a heated passage way, thus the no coat. I've had the dress for years and the headdress is Metamorpose, as are the socks.

Later that year I played with a more Aristocratic/Gothic style which I liked, but wouldn't wear all the time. Black boots I can't remember where I got, a long black skirt I've have forever, white shirt I got a Sears, black vest I got a Torrid, and a black and gold veil I got for Christmas from a very good friend. The whole look was put together quick, but I had such a blast that day!

This was taken in April at Constellation, a local Scifi con in Nebraska. I made the dress myself! I am still working on it, but I very much like how it turned out. What I like most about the look is my hair! It is held in place by nothing but rose tipped bobbie pins. It was so pretty.

Next is Loli day in June, It's the first time I'm wearing my new Metamorphose JSK and this was taken at the end of the day, so my hair was a disaster!

And the latest looks from November of this year! If you'll note, I am wearing the same JSK in the last picture as I am in the one for Loli day, only this time I'm not wearing an Undershirt. I find this dress looks better without one due to the fact that it's SO sweet and young looking in the print. I like to wear more mature jewelry with it and do my make up with darker colors to contrast it because while the dress is really cute and all, it's a bit to short and I don't look good in long bloomers.So I rock it like I meant it to be that short and go from there. It works out well.

 So! What do you think? Have I evolved well over time? ^_^

Last picture for fun! I am a Lifestyle Lolita and not all of my cords are perfectly frilly, I mean....who wants to be overly frilled when at the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I also happen to be a bit of a geek and a hard core fan girl, so not everything I wear has ribbons and lace all over it...

Taken at The Rocky Horror Picture Show in my favorite shirt EVER!!! It's Jayne from Firefly....and he's in Public Relations! I have a very light petticoat on under my skirts, thus the little to no poof.

 Thanks for joining me for my 100th blog post! I've had a GREAT time sharing my life and thoughts with all of you, and I hope to keep blogging long into the future ^_^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why do you dress like this? (part 1 )

Hello Lovelies~

 In the past week I have dealt with a few issues, not my own mind you, that forced me to look a my life a little bit and when I did, I saw that the question 'Why' was a question I had avoided answering.

That seems a little vague, please let me elaborate.... When I first got into Lolita my Mom asked why I couldn't have a less expensive hobby. My extended family asked why I wouldn't wear pants like a normal girl. I get questioned by strangers and friends alike. The questions are phrased different, but they all have the same meaning....

 'What do you dress like this?'

I finally have answer to this question. Or...I've always had the answer to the question, but it's tended to be difficult and a lengthy explanation, but now I have a simple answer. A true answer. An answer that cuts straight to the heart of the matter...

 I dress this way for me.

O.o....that's it? Yes! It's that simple. I get dressed every morning in petticoats and Jumper skirts and I do my hair and pain stakingly apply my make up because I feel beautiful when I do. Not that I don't feel beautiful when I have a down day. I have lots of clothes and not all of them are frilly yet, but when I leave my house to go out to eat with my mom or meet friends downtown, I like showing off a new dress I just acquired or the new socks that match the outfit just so.

 My clothes allow me to express the beauty I feel on the inside.

I wear Lolita for myself and no one else!

. . .

Do you have something you do just for you? Do you blend tea to enjoy the way the new flavors marry and compliment one another in a way they never have before? Do you make doll clothes to dress up your doll family and take pictures and put them online in a story like display, just because? Maybe you bake or cook to experience the joy of the first perfect bite or your creation, even if you've made it tons of times before....

 What is it that you do for you? What do you do that makes you, you? What do you enjoy that no one can make you give up?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Playing with Clay!!!

Hello Lovlies~

 Last week I was inspired by a friend of mine to play with Sculpy clay! She had the cutest twisted clay braclet and I fell in love with it. So I decided to make my own!

 This is the result of the twisting, rolling, and cutting that I did all night...

I put jewlrey loops through the soft clay so I could just hook them together when I was done. A step that I have yet gotten to, but totally plan on it tomorrow. But what I really wanted to show off was the other cuteness I made.


                                                           It's a SQUIRREL!!!!

And now from another angle!

It's fat little squirrel! So so cute!!! I added a jewlery hoop so I could make it into a Necklace ^_^

 So, that's what I did tonight. What did you do?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late night Suprises!

Hello Lovelies~

 After a great day out shopping with a friend, I returned home to find a package on my door step. I've ordered a few things in the last month, so I was excited to find out what was inside. Of all the things I've ordered, I only paid for this on the 8th, so that it's the first to arrive is even more excited!

My new Metamorphose dress!!!!

 Ok, so it's new to me, not actually new, but I love it. It's the Marine Border Shirring JSK in the Tri-Color option.

This is the perfect little summer outfit, but I plan on wearing it in the winter as well. I think a nice dark blue turtle neck and a pair of thick tights will compliment this piece nicely.

But for now, white socks and a cardigan will have to do ^_^

 What do you think? have you gotten anything new lately?


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