Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Beat the Heat : Part 2

Hello my Lovelies! As I promised, this post is all about hair and makeup to keep you cool in the summer swelter.

Seems as if this year Mother Nature is truly trying to wilt our petals, if you'll forgive the natural-kei joke. In fact, the humidity was so high today, stepping out of my well air conditioned house was like running full force into a wall. The air was thicker than molasses, it was terrible! But humidity or no, my hair didn't frizz once!

So let's talk about hair style for the summer!

I'm going to start with short hair, because it seems everyone likes to trim and cut their hair to cool down.

Most, I've found, go with a Bob. Which is where the hair is trimmed to the chin, this is usually accented with blunt cut bangs. This style looks really cute with small side bows, either on or off a headband.

If you want to go with a hat, stay away from the Mini hat in this style. Go with a full hat like a Boater or a Top hat. If Bonnets are your thing though, stay with a cute half bonnet to show off your playful locks.

Another short summer style is the Pixie cut. This is a very short boy like style that can go as short as you like, or as long as a long shag. This style is best accented by small bows, though I recommend a centered bow rather than a side bow to draw the eye to the whole hair cute, rather than one side of it.

Medium length hair goes from just below the shoulders to below the shoulder blades and Long hair is defined as anything that is longer than mid back. These next styles are adaptable for either length.

The first style is simple.

The Low Pigtail:

Everyone knows how to do this style. You split you hair, equally if you can, and tie it securely just behind your ears, above or below it doesn't matter to much.

Easy right? But if that's to easy, you can always decorate it.

One option is to get a large curling iron and heat each section into a large curl, then hair spray it to make sure it stays.

Second style option is to take the pig tails and loosely wrap them in a bun to get the hair off your neck. This is also a good option for sticking flowers or bows around the edges.

This is a picture of 'Purinyappykura' From LiveJorunal. As you can see, her hair is in the Loose Bun style, a very good look for her, if I may say so.

Another option is to braid each half. I love this style myself, I think it's so cute whether in Full out Lolita, or the rare occasion I wear jeans. If you just left it as is, it would be super cute, but there is one more option that I actually have an accompanying picture to show you.

The Fourth option is to take those cute braids and wrap them until they are buns. then tuck the unbraided tuft under the bun and either pin the heck out of it, or wrap a hair tie around it once or twice.

'Celticfreefall' is Showing off the Braided Bun style. This is a look that is good for both Sweet and Classic outfits and is great for showing off longer earrings and thick necklaces.

There are more styles and tips to be had and I'll share more with you at a later time. But for now, I encourage you to give these a try and send me pictures! I'd love to see your creativity and imagination while you beat the heat!

Next time I'll talk about Make up and share a few personal tips on the subject.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Metmorphose Spotlight!

Hello my Lovelies~

Meta just released their newest Fall Print and to be honest I was less than thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I love the print and the designs are simple and classic, but when combined it creates one big mess.

The print is called 'Gardening Teddy'. It is offered in three color choices.

A rich Chocolate color...

A soft Cream color...

And a color that can only be described as Razzberry...

Aren't they cute? These three samples make my heart skip a beat, until I see the dresses.

I will be showing you three dresses in the three colors, although on the site, Meta also has two skirts and an apron and bloomer set that I think they will release as Room Wear.

First we have the OP, or Sleeved Dress.

I like the simple tiered design of the OP. The large peter pan collar is adorable and buttons down the front give it a more classic feel. But that's were my like of it stops.

I think the random bow at the waist is distracting from the clean lines and the print is just to much. It looks like a hot mess from any angle but three inches from your nose where all you get is a few swirls of roses and a couple teddy bears.

The next dress is the Triple Tier Pettifore.

Cute Design, good lines, if one looks close enough, you can even see the double row of pin tucks before the ruffles on each tier. The dress is adorable! But the Razzberry color is almost to bold, in my opinion and the print is distracting and, once again, just to much.

The third design I'm going to show is the one I like the most.

Here we have the High Waisted Pettifore in Cream. The Antique white back ground allows the eye to separate the small, detailed pattern of the print and distinguish the various colors to make one complete picture. I still feel it's to much, since the print is so small, but all in all the Cream is the best choice for this print.

Now, as for the dress, I like the empire waist look, it cut really reminds me of the late Regency era and the French designs that flooded the ton by 1860 or so. The this dress has thick straps, rather than puff sleeves, I have the feel that this is the most versatile of the three styles shown.

Cute on it's own for a summer dress, adorable with a short sleeved shirt underneath for spring. Classy over a long sleeved shirt in the fall, and just the right amount of playful in the winter with a thick pair of tights.

Yes. I truly feel this is an all around any season dress.

Meta has put out a headdress for this collection, as well as a pair of socks that I don't really feel the connection with and a bag that they haven't released completed pictures of just yet. But the last piece of this collection I want to show all of you is the item that made me feel that a skirt in this print wouldn't be to bad an addition if only to match with this....

Isn't it Adorable! It has such a peasant, old world country feel to it that I can't help but want to make one. I am looking for the right fabric, but mark my words, there will be a tutorial soon to help you make your own!

Until next time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Innconet World Spotlight!

Happy 4th or July my Lovelies!

I am planning a meet up for later this month and am wanting something new to wear to it. So with excitement I found the perfect fabric, just the right lace, raced home, pulled it out and thought to myself, 'What do I want the end look to be?', and that made me pause.

What did I want the end look to be?

The thought required research into what the Brands were doing, Brand is a great starting point for inspiration, and for the fabric I chose, I thought IW would get my creativity going with the right vintage feel, and what I saw....well I just had to share it with all of you.

Isn't it stunning? It is called 'Alphabet Rose' and it stole my heart.

The pattern is hard to see on the pink background, but it is a light rose design with scrolled letters scattered about, almost randomly.

Here is the dress on it's own. I am not impressed with the pink, but the green is truly eye catching.

This dress is being offered in both colors, in both lengths. Personally, I like the Maxi length in the green, but the short traditional length is alluring as well. I feel like Innocent World has hit this one out of the park!

One of the great features of this dress is the top...

Not only is this a halter dress, IW has made the straps adjustable and convertible so it can be worn as a traditional Jumper if one so desired. How wonderful it that?

As with most dresses I consider buying, this is a shirred dress, though it is only partially shirred and has corset lacing in the back for an added princess effect.

Detail pictures of the pattern, in Pink and Green respectively. On the Reserve page, it is said that this dress also comes in a Milk Tea/Cream color, but they had no pictures of it, so I am unclear on how the colors compare.

This design is currently on Reserve and with any luck, I'll have the money to order one for myself. The only trouble will be deciding which length I want!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's Beat the Heat!

Hello My Lovelies! Can you believe it's already July?

This is the time of year a lot of girls, and guys, tend to shy away from the Lolita fashion, siting that it's just to hot to wear so much! And I'll agree, who wants to wear bloomers, two petticoats, a skirt, knee high socks, close toed shoes, a shirt, and a cardigan to complete the look, not to mention all the hair styling, makeup application, jewelry....goodness, it makes me over heated just thinking about all of that!

First, let's loose the layers! Even if it's a thin shrug, don't do it, you'll regret it later. Go with skirts in the summer rather than Jumpers. It doesn't matter if they are Brand, homemade, or store bought, a simple skirt will save you the extra up top layer and will coordinate with t-shirts or cutsews better than a Jumper will.

But, never being one to limit the fashion options, for those of you out there and do want to wear your Jumpers, I recommend wearing it with out a shirt underneath, much like you would a sundress. I know it sounds indecent, but once you're out in the baking sun for a few hours at a picnic or back yard party, you'll agree that going it a little more casual than the strict style calls for is just fine.

It doesn't matter which style of outfit you go for, they'll both look great and keep you cool, but don't forget to wear a light petticoat. Sure three layers of poof will get you the desired cupcake effect, but one layer will let you have more summer fun.

I say bloomers are optional and really a personal choice during the Dog days of summer, so wear them at will.

Second, let's talk about socks and shoes. Now I know it's traditional to wear at the knee, or above the knee sock with everything! Seems like that's all anyone ever wears, but even Brand knows that the secret to looking cute and staying cool under the sun is Crew Socks.

Sure there is a big debate over ankle length socks and if it's ok to wear them, despite their Brand labels, it's almost more debated than the striped socks issue that is very much like the cold war. A silent battle of will between two super powers. Elitists and Newbies.

But while I'd love to sit here and talk with you about striped socks all day, I'll get back to the crew sock issue at hand.

I wear crew socks. My calves are to big for most knee highs, and I'm on the short side of average, so ankle socks make me look taller, not to mention I think the folded over lace look is super cute.

When wearing crew socks, I recommend wearing low healed Mary Janes, if you get higher than three and a half inches the look starts to go trashy and kinky rather than cute and sweet. When not wearing socks, go with a open toed wedge sandal, or a decorated pair of flip flops. Cute and comfortable, plus you can show off a cute pedicure if you happen to have one.

I think that covers clothes, next time I'll talk about hair, makeup, and all the little things that'll keep you dressing up without a second thought this month!


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