Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nebraskon prep and cute hair accessories

Hello Lovelies~

 As some of you may know, November brings with it a convention close to my heart, a convention I've been attending for more years than I care to mention and at this convention, amongst the panels I run, the tea party I plan and hostess, and all of the people I socialize with, I also run an Artist table where I sell my art and for the past few years, have sold Lolita accessories.

On the menu for this year is two Mini Top Hats, a few Headdresses, a Gothic Madonna Veil, and puffy hair bows!!! (And some Deco items, but that's not what I'm making tonight ^_^)

 I have had a lot of misfires with these puffy hair bows. You wouldn't think they would be that difficult!!!

I finally made one I actually like and thought I'd show it off while I slave over more and hope they all come out this cute...u.u;

 Here is the bow on it's own....

And here it is worn....(Please excuse the lack of actual hair style. I hadn't expected to be taking pictures tonight, thus you don't actually get to see my face >.>....)

So. One down! Many more to go! I am having fun though, so that's all that matters.

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