Thursday, October 20, 2011

Metamorphose Spotlight!

Hello Lovelies~

 Recently, I became the Meta Brand Ambassador for the EGL weekly e-zine, The Petticoat Press. It's a fun job in which I get to stalk the Metamorphose site and tell everyone when they update, which is something I already did anyways, now my stalker tendencies have a rhyme and reason ^_^

This week Meta has released some really cute peices. They released consept sketched for knew cardigans and a cloak with bear ears which I find adorable and want so bad! But what has caught my attention this week is the two new dresses they sprung on their devoted fans with out sneak peeks or anything and for Meta, that's odd. But after seeingthe dresses....I now know why they didn't warn us.

                                     Introducing the : Gobelins Print Velour Frill Pinafore Dress

This is the first of two dresses released yeasterday. It has a lovely print over velour ruffles with an underbust bodis the hooks up the middle from what I can tell.

 I am pretty sure this dress would look better being worn than it does on the dressform. It needs a full Cord to make it less of a focal point.

                                           Introducing the : Gobelins Print Ribbon Pinafore Dress
I like this dress more than the dress above. The chocolate brown velour is more limited and the print is the star this time. ...Or is would be if not for the bodis of the dress. This is a convertable dress you see. The breast peices are romoveable and it can become an Underbust gown.

I like the dress either way, but the removable breast peices threw me for awhile. But the more I look and talk about it, the more I like this dress.

 Metamorphose may be odd, but that's why I like them and while I don't always like what they comeup with, I really like the underbust dress.


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