Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outfit Post! 3-20-12 - 3-22-12

Hello Lovelies~

 It's another on of those weeks were I've just been feeling great! Getting up, doing my hair in more simple, but fun styles, so being the great blogger that I am I thought I'd share ^_~

So starting with 3-20-12 we have....

The dress is an off brand dress I've had forever. It's so comfortable and easy to slip on and go, I love it for the summer! In keeping with the easy summer style of the outfit, I wore light make up and played up my lips rather than my eyes.


For Wednesday I went with a earth tone look. The shirt is something I found at Walmart a three or so years ago and the skirt is an old ITS design. I liked the hairstyle from Tuesday so much, I decided to do it again!


Today I was running a bit late, so I didn't do a lot with my hair. Instead, I pulled it back with my Gothic tiara and matched the outfit to it. I made the skirt myself and the shirt is again...from walmart ^_^  I was wearing purple eyeliner earlier in the morning, but by the time I took this picture, it had faded.

 So! Today I decided to treat my mom to a lunch out due to the fact that she has just completed a very large school project and she deserved it~!

I happened to win a pair of free buffet tickets in a small black jack tournament and so that's where we went!

The buffet was making fresh pasta and so I got some! Italian sausage, Broccoli, Black Olive, and Crab Alfredo with a hint of Garlic and good!

 I hope you enjoy your Thursday as much as I have!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geo Girl Makeup Review : Strawberry Feilds

Hello Lovelies~

 I love trying new cute products. I found this one at my local Walmart and the packaging is was actually drew me. Packaged in cardboard, wrapped in recycled plastic, natural ingredents, lipstick that softens the lips like a balm, and reasonablly priced!

Sure, it's marketed to pre-teens, but ... the packaging is So cute! Did I mention that? Lol

         I debated between the razzberry and grape flavors, but went for the strawberry instead.

                        The color is a soft sheer pink with just a touch of glitter and shimmer.

The lipstick is a bit gritty but smooths on nicely after a swipe or two. It really has a lot of shimmer. I think it's my favorite part of this whole product. For only $3.95, this was a fun treat that I would totally do again. ^_^

Like I said, very sheer!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St.Patrick's Day fun!!

Hello Lovelies~

 Did you have a good weekend? Do anything interesting and fun? I happened to go to a small meet up at one of my favorite restaurants and then we went dancing!

Ok, so first we'll start with the outfit shots...

My Mom! She is trying for a Mori look here. She is just getting into the style, so it's not exact. But she looks awesome no matter the label.

This Brian/Tera he came up from KC for the meet up and he is wearing and Innocent World JSK.

I decided to go with a slightly more Gothic look tonight rather than my normal more sweet styling. I matched my socks to my lipstick and I clipped butterflies in my hair to match my skirt. This outfit was chosen after three phone calls to various friends that couldn't help I finally thought outside the box, and the state, and after back and forthing for an hour. I went with butterflies ^_^

After the pictures we went to Olive Garden! (I love their soup and the deserts are killer!) and I honestly wasn't expecting to meet anyone other than my friend Alyssa there, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet a new friend from the Lolita community I host on Facebook.

Isn't she cute!!! She wore a Bodyline Fruits Parlor skirt and that wonderful hot pink cardigan. Barbie couldn't have worn pink better than she did! I hope we get to hang out again, she was adorable.

This is Alyssa, she is so sweet and huggable. I tried to get a full on picture of her, but five pictures later, I never got one! T^T Lol Oh well.

Brian ordered a 'Toasted Marshmallow' cocktail and I got to have a sip. I'm not one to drink, but this wasn't to bad. Super sweet though, almost to sweet. But well worth it if you are into beautiful drinks.

                                                                    See? Pretty!

We talked and chatted and laughed and had a wonderful night. I hope we can do it again soon.

After Note!!

 Lol. Ok, so I happen to have had a lot of pictures taken of my that night, here are all the pictures I didn't post show in the main post.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Small Rant about Lolita...

Hello Lovelies~

 I have something I just MUST get off my chest....*Takes a deep breathe*


Don't you? Whether you sew them yourself or save your rainy-day pennies for Brand, we all work hard for the frills. So the thought of a community/ 'Charity' on Tumblr called, 'Frilly Moon' that's mission statement is 'This is a lolita and kodona charity for people who cannot afford to be frilly.'....

Really? ....

I'm sorry you can't afford to be frilly. I can barely afford to be frilly!~ But by the grace of sweet friends who love me very much on my birthday and around Christmas, savvy second hand scouring, and a three hem skirt that looks awesome! I can slowly work to the look that I want all the time.

 Don't expect your frills to be handed to you! Lolita is a Luxury ladies! It is not a basic need! Eat. Pay your bills. Put gas in your car. Then, if you want, save those few last five dollars you have and combine it with  the last five dollars of your last pay check and eventually you'll get to that dream dress! or that cute piece of jewelery that you've had your eye on.

No one is perfect their first few outfits, even if no one likes to remember it, so why should we as a community sacrifice our hard earned indulgences for those who did not work hard for them?

 Forgive me if this makes me sound like a bad person, but my opinion is my own.

How do you feel about this? Are you for giving your clothes away for free, or you a girl that recycles her older frills on the EGL sales comm. Like most every other Lolita to reinvest in your collection?

Outfit Post! 3-16-12

Hello Lovelies~

 Today class was super easy and a ton of fun. I am getting better at being able to recognize the various number combinations and will now always remember that 6 and 7 = 13! Lol. I got that combination like six deals in a row. I figured the Heart of the Cards was trying to say something to me ^_~

Ok, so, now my pictures!

The skirt is from the old American Brand, 'Into the Starlight'. I miss that brand so much! The shirt is something a picked up at Walmart, and the headdress is Metamorphose.

I wore light make up today. Soft blue eyeliner, powder, and berry lipstick.

 Tomorrow is St.Patrick's Day! So have a good holiday and have fun!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outfit Post! 3-15-12

Hello Lovelies~

 Because I have felt SO much better this last week while attending my Dealer's classes than I have in the last few months of going to my other job, I have started trying to take more pictures of the outfits I'm wearing. Todays' outfit was a tribute to summer ^_^

I am wearing a simple white peter pan collared shirt under my Metamorphose 'Marine Border Shirring' JSK. I twisted my hair up with a clip in the back and added three large rose hair pins I made myself. The final touch to the outfit are my nails.

I used an O.P.I. color called 'Aphroditie's Pink Nightie' that I borrowed from a friend and added a simple like of glitter across each nail. I love how it turned out. Each fingernail looks like it has a row of sparkly diamond necklaces on it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet tea discoveries and recomendations

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I received a wonderful treat when I got home from a small party I'd been invited to to celebrate getting accepted into Ameristar's Blackjack Dealers' school! It was a great surprise ^_^

You see, I ordered a wonderful Organic tea from a shop on Etsy called, ' Treehouse Herbs '. I ordered the Honey Rose Tea and it's.....beautiful.

It smells like roses with a strong spice undertone. It fills the lungs and pleasantly lingers in the air long after the tin has been closed.

It brews up a dark burgundy color. This tea should only brew for 4 minuets. No longer. It turns bitter and the flavors turn muddy. 3 minuets is good for a lighter taste, but I truly recommend the full 4 minuets.

After the brewing, the tea shifts from a rose smell, to a honey smell. and once sweetened, it really does take on more of the honey taste.

 I always feel like a princess, but sipping this tea while reading a good story...I felt I could close my eyes and when I opened them, I would be in a field full of fairies and butterflies lightly fluttering from flower to flower, gently kissing the petals as if greeting old and new friends alike....

This tea can't be described as anything be beautiful. At $6.45 for an 8oz tin full of the wonderful nectar, it's the best tea investment I've made in the last six months.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching up on the past few weeks

Hello Lovelies~

 I've been a bad blogger for the past few weeks. I'll be honest, I've felt very bland lately, I don't know why. The ability to write has eluded me! But I figured it happens to everyone and if I didn't get over this small bump in the road I would forever be stalled. So here I am working though this terrible blogging block!

Currently, I am watching the first season of 'Pretty Little Liars' again, a show I have fallen in love with and completely blame on my Francis when I had been avoiding it so well ^_~*. I am debating on getting the books. Unsure if my love of the show will be corrupted when I find things that don't match up as is inevitable ^^;

 Speaking of books, I finished 'Cinder', the book I was reading for my 50 book challenge. It was a great book. I finished it in like...a week! It was so hard to put down and I enjoyed every moment of it. The only issue I had with it is that it basically completed the story of Cinderella and now it has gone in a strange direction. Not a bad one mind you, but a strange one.

So! 'Cinder' is done and I am now reading something completely out of my usual realm of reading material. But I am currently reading, 'Storm Front', which is part of 'The Dresden Files' series written by Jim Butcher. When I am done with the book I plan on getting the audio book.

 O.o? I bet some of you are asking yourselves why have both, right? Lol

'Storm Front' is read by James Marsters! ... I have a mild obsession with him and have since he was Spike in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

 Other than reading new books and watching much loved shows, I have been doing Deco! Lol I finished me friend's cell phone...

Here is a picture of it half done...

From here I decided I didn't like the blue kitty or the gold pearl in the upper left hand corner, so here is the finished product~!

I replaced the blue kitty with a small Hello Kitty charm and the gold pearl with a small yellow bow. I really like how this turned out. ^_^

 I was so pleased with how this turned out, I wanted to redo my phone, so this is the fist picture of my newly started's not done, but in a week or so it'll look rockin'!!!

Cute, right? It'll be all pink when I'm done.

 So, that's it ^_^ That's what I've been up to lately. I hope to get back to a regular posting schedule in the next week.


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