Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick and Easy Treats for Halloween!

Happy Halloween Lovelies~

  This Halloween I am actually working, so I won't get to hand out candy or go to costume parties or anything like that, but I am throwing a 'Season of the Dead' tea party on Sunday at my local Anime Convention and am making treats for it.

Because I love you all so much, I thought I'd share the recipe for Vampire Blood Lollipops I found on pintrist!

 What You'll Need !!!!

* Aluminium Pan

*Metal Ladle

* Candy Thermometer

* Silicone Baking Mat OR Parchment Paper

* 1/4 cup Water

* 2 cups Sugar

*  2/3 cup Light Corn Syrup

* Red Food Coloring   * A Bag of Ice 

* White Lollipop Stick  (Any color will do, but white looks cool when you get the red food coloring on your fingers ^_^ )   Ready?   Here we go!   First ~  Start with an Aluminium Pan as they conduct heat the best and are easiest to clean when this project is done.
Then ~ Combine the 1/4 cup water and 2/3 cup light corn syrup in the pan and over medium heat, gradually add the 2 cups of sugar until it is all dissolved, then turn the heat to high and let the sugar boil for 5-7 mins. Or until 300* - 310* degrees.

Warning!!!  This stage is DANGEROUS if you are not wearing an oven mitt. Please take ALL precautions when making these treats to avoid getting any sugar on yourself. Always work in teams of two unless experienced with making hard candy.

 Next ~ Quickly take the pan off the heat and put it in the ice. The pan will hiss and sizzle, don't be alarmed! Let it sit for a few seconds, then give it a few swirls for good measure. This cools the molten sugar to a point that it's workable. This process is quick and should take a maximum of 25 - 30 seconds, but no longer! Any longer than this and the candy will be to cold to work with.

Finally ~ Once cool enough to work with, but still hot enough to pour, use your Metal Ladle and pour blobs onto your Silicone Backing Mat or Parchment Paper, whichever you are using. This is were having a second set of hands helps. While you are pouring, your kitchen helper should be adding the Lollipop sticks and sprinkling the Red Food Coloring over the hot sugar.

Let the Lollipops sit for 10 mins. or so before peeling them up and eating them or wrapping them or what have you.

 This was my first attempt at making these. I have since this picture I have made four more batches and I think I now have the look I down pat.

 Don't worry about making them perfectly round, it's not going to happen. Just have fun with it and enjoy a project that takes no longer than 20 Mins from start to finish.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dream Shopping

Hello Lovelies~

 When I was younger my mum and I used to go 'Dream Shopping'. It was a lot of fun at the time, but I was to young to understand why we couldn't buy anything. I didn't know at the time that 'Dream Shopping' was code for 'We have no money, but we still get to look.'

As I got older I began to hate Dream Shopping because I had come to realize what it was and was upset at the thought of combing through the mall for that perfect thing, be it earrings, a necklace, shoes, a doll, what have you, only to walk away from it in the end.

 I think it hurt my mum's feelings when she would ask if I wanted to go and I would say no, and after awhile she stopped asking if I wanted to go.

I miss those times.

 Now that I'm the age she was when she was asking a younger me if I wanted to go out with her, I now understand that sometimes, it's not about the buying, but about the fun had while out and about with someone you want to spend time with.

With the advent of online shopping it is so easy to find yourself on shopping sites, adding things to virtual carts and shopping while never leaving the comfort of your favorite comfy spot that Dream Shopping has become a part of my everyday life.

 Today I thought I'd share a few things from my favorite shopping site and hope that they inspire you to do a little Dream Shopping of your own. Maybe you'll find the perfect hair accessory that you can afford next pay check, or just the right set of earrings for date night.

 To quote Cinderella, 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes', So let's start wishing!!!

                                 Woman Cameo Silhouette : $10

This is a beautiful vinyl decal that can be but on any flat surface and/or clean, smooth wall. It comes in multiple different colors and will add an elegant personal touch to any room.

   Get it ---> HERE

                  Strawberry Garden pencil (pen) pouch : $10

This pouch is SO cute! What more needs to be said? In the creators' description it says this case is good for all types of things, not just pens and pencils. Crochet hooks, Make up, other various craft supplies.

    Get it --->  HERE

                         Strawberry Wafer Soap : $5


I have a set of these actually, but I like them so much I thought I'd share them with all of you. These smell like the strawberries they are named for, but rather than smelling like fresh strawberries, they smell like strawberry candy.

    Get it ---> HERE

                               Ballerina Greeting Cards : $7

Elegant and Unique, these cut out greeting cards will add a since of wonder to any 'Thinking of You' note you choose to send.

 Get it ----> HERE

                             Crochet Applique Motif Flowers : $5.80

Three to an order, these cute flowers will give an instant vintage charm to hair accessories, hats, bags, clothes, shoes, or anything else you choose to add them to. I think adding one to the side of a lace choker would be really cute!

  Get it -----> HERE

Huh...everything in this post was ten dollars and under! That's so cool ^_^

Thanks for Shopping with me! Till next time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Organized: A Closet of Another Color

Hello Lovelies~

 This week I've been trying to get organized again. Recently, I've found myself taking off my lovely clothes and folding them rather than hanging them up, which isn't good for my frills let me tell you. So to fix the situation I went to my local Walmart and bought a rolling garment rack for $10.

My mum is so amazing! As a surprise to me, my fantastic, wonderful mom painted my new 'closet' pink!

All of my clothes aren't hung up in this picture, but I realized that I might just need a second garment rack ^^;

 Just a quick update to show off my pink 'closet'. Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Favorite Makeup Tips

Hello Lovelies~

 This week for Lolita Blog Carnival we bloggers are all talking about our favorite Makeup tips. I've done one or two of these over the years, but it never hurts to give more tips, so here we go!

 Are you an emotional crier like I am? Then this tip is for you!

Water proof Mascara and Eyeliner

It seems silly for this to be one of my tips, but I'll tell you, I don't cry often if ever, but when I do I tend to be surprised that I turn into Tammy Faye Baker!! Black/Blue/Purple/Brown/Gold Glitter....whatever I happen to be wearing that day will streak down my cheeks and then it really gets crazy....

 If you cry when emotions get to much, then make sure you check the packaging of the eye makeup you happen to be rocking to avoid a major melt down.

Another self explanatory tip, but one I recently had to deal with and am STILL dealing with...

 Never put any lotion/moisturiser that is not specifically made for your face.

I had a massage a week ago and in the middle of it, the massage therapist started giving me a facial massage! It shocked me that she would do that without my permission, but I let it go and just said I would wash my face when I got home. the time I got home I was looking like a red spottie miss dottie. It was upsetting! Is upsetting, but it taught me a lesson.

Unless it's made for my face, it won't go on my face!

 Last, but not least, maybe the oddest tip, but one that I swear by! .....

  Web Cams are your friend    You know how we tend to put of make up on in the mirror and we look absolutely fantastic, but when we see ourselves in pictures we look

One of the things I've started doing to make sure I look photo-fabulous is I now put my makeup on in my web cam. No one is watching of course, it's off, but I move my laptop in front of my mirror and turn the cam on.

The mirror lets me see what the world sees and the web cam lets me see what my make up will look like when translated in a digital way.

 It can seem a bit to much, but I find a mirror will show you what you want to see, it's almost magical that way, but a high def camera will show every flaw. Sometimes flaws are good. They keep us from floating away into an unrealistic world where everything revolves around us and ice cream is always free, but most times, they are avoidable and completely fix able.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

My October Glam Bag/ Ipsy Bag!

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I received my October Glam/Ipsy bag and I was blown away! October was defiantly the right month to be an Ipsy Girl.

This months theme was 'Bombshell' and let me tell you, I certainly feel like one, especially since my hair is blonder now. Lol ^_~

First picture is of the bag. I really like the POP of red pleather on top of the clean black and white pattern. It reminds me of old Hollywood and the bombshell women of the time. Marilyn Monroe is the first to spring to my mind.

 Simple. Elegant. Mysterious.

Those were my thoughts upon seeing this makeup bag.

Next is my favorite piece of the collection.

 I was so pleased to see this lip color when I unzipped my bag, you have NO idea. I have been looking high and low for a good red gloss/stick that doesn't make me look like a clown. Usually the color is to Lipstick Red or so dark it borders on Burgundy. Nothing has ever been a 'BAM' Red, but my search is over!!!

The flash doesn't do this shade justice. It's a beautiful deep blood red color. This is the color you see in magazine adds. The color you always imagine woman in the 30's and 40's wearing with perfectly swirled hair and pencil skirts. Very 'Mad Men'  'esque.

Next is a simple black eyeliner, which is essential for any bombshell when looking her best. This one is a nice felt pen and I look forward to trying it out. I'll let you know what I think when I do.

I also received a tube of 'Boost Your Body' mascara, which promises the lashes of your dreams and a the pony you never got as a child. ...Personally I'm sceptical. But I look forward to trying this one out as well.


Funny story. About a year ago, around this time of year, I happened to run out of my favorite mascara. I was out shopping and happened to say, 'If I get nothing else while out today, I must get some mascara. I can't believe I ran out. Who runs out of Mascara!'...well lovelies...someone must've been listening because I did happen to get mascara that day, though I didn't realize it at the time as I got it in a gift with purchase, but as of right now, I am the proud owner of 28 different mascaras... not including the duplicates.


Ok, so the next item is a Shine and Smoothness booster for your hair. It says a small amount worked into wet hair, then blow dried or let the air dry will tame frizz and fly aways and keep your hair shiny and smooth all day.

Finally, we come to the eye shadows! As you can see below, I received four colors. Red, Green, Purple, and White. I swear, as I was doing the color tests I kept thinking how a bit of gold eyeliner would enhance the palette.

These colors have some nice shine to them and thus picked up the flash pretty good. From left to right we have, 'Vibrant Red', 'Raisin Berry', 'Frosty Taupe', and 'Vanilla Sky'.  The Vanilla Sky color wasn't showing up well on my skin, so I mixed it with a bit of the Vibrant Red to make a light pink color. Of the four, I like the Purple shade the best.

 So there is is! My October Glam Bag/ Ipsy bag. I can't wait for November. I hope we get some golds and earthy colors, you know, like the colors of Autumn leaves.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snap to it!

Hello Lovelies~

 I recently found my phone which has most of my pictures on it! So today I thought I'd share them with all of you ^_^

I love this skirt! It was really easy to make and works well with my Fall styles.

I just got these awesome new shoes and while they hurt to walk in a bit because they haven't been stretched out well, they are super cute! They remind me of small rocking horse shoes!

The tiny butterfly on the side is one of my favorite parts!

The same day I got my new shoes, I got my hair colored. Above is a picture of it before. Simple, blonde -ish, and only one color.... And below....

I got Highlights!!! Lol I love my hair now.  (Isn't it amazing that from one picture to the other I look more put together due to a bit of make up?)

Outfit shot!

I found this necklace in a thrift shop for $2.00. Awesome huh!

Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Trends I Just Can't Get Into

Hello Lovelies~

  Do you enjoy a good pair of pearl or rhinestone cat ears? Or how about a cute royal wallpaper stripped maxi dress? Or what about false nails?

This week for Lolita Blog Carnival the theme was 'The Three Trends You could Never Get Into', and I had some difficulty trying to define what was a trend and what had stuck around and become common place.

 We all enjoy different trends that sweep in from season to season but, then again, we all have trends that we just can't see ourselves wearing, or when we do we laugh and promise ourselves to never wear or do whatever we happen to have tried again.

This year I have toyed with various passing fancies and I thought I'd share the few trends that just didn't stick with me.

                                             Radical False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes are fun and great for dazzling photos, but over the last year they have been popping up in more and more mild to fancy everyday wear. I even bought a pair of relatively tame ones with long feathers at the ends and rhinestones on the eye line, but after a bit... a hour! (I really suck at applying false eyelashes.) When they were finally dry....well....let's just say I didn't take pictures. Lol ^_^

 So instead, here are some pictures of the amazing radical false eyelashes I will never wear because I look absolutely silly!


This trend was really big in the spring and summer and to tell the truth, I'm glad to see it fade out as the weather get colder.

 The Hi-Lo trend is hard to pull off. The fabric has to be right, the length has to be right, and the person wearing it has to be the right height, of which I am not!

In my personal opinion, The right heights to wear this style is 4'10 - 5'4 and 5'9 - 5'11. If you are between these heights, the angles don't fall right and even with good heels, I think the legs still look short, even though the whole point is to show off your shoes and a good stretch of leg.

 While this style was more big for the Gal and Gyaru scene than it was for the Lolita scene, though Meta might have released a dress along those lines....not sure. It's still a trend I just can't seem to get into.

Below are a few pictures on the best representations I could find.

                                                   Real to Life Prints  

I like the look of these pieces, The Library dress is stunning, but as a curvy girl....I just can't see wearing a giant painting of Jesus stretched across my chest or Marie Antoinette across my bum. Juliette et Justine has been producing these beautiful prints for about a year or so. They are what I like to call, 'Real to Life' Prints due to the fact they aren't drawn, but rather prints of actual paintings or close enough to the real thing.

 While Juliette et Justine was the first company to start doing this, I have seen a few other off the beaten path type brands put out prints similar. Milk released a pink number with Persian kitten faces around the skirt somewhere in early July. While this isn't a sweeping trend, it is gaining more popularity and sadly, it's not something I'll ever see myself getting into.

On a slightly different note, aren't these prints fantastic?

So, those are the three trends I just can't see myself jumping into, not that they are bad per say, just not for me. Make sure you check out the other wonderful Blog posts from the other LBC girls.

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 Thanks for reading!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Make up Monday : Lancome Juicy Tubes

Hello Lovelies~

 Last week I talked about how much I love a good lip gloss and that I never leave home without some on me. This week I want to show you my favorite color.

 This is Lancome's Juicy Tubes lip color in 'Coral Rush'. It's a wonderful light nude pink color with just the right amount of sparkle.

The gloss is smooth and not as sticky as some glosses. The best part about this gloss is that it smells like Watermelons and has a light sweet taste, not the I recommend actually eating it.

Price: $18.00
Quality: 4-5  It's a really nice gloss, but it wears thin and gets gummy after a few hours. Which is an odd combination.

Want: YES!
  I will totally buy this product again. I really love the silky feel of it and enjoy the various colors. The next color I want is 'Fruity Pop'.

Here is a picture of the color worn.


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