Friday, August 16, 2013

My Trip : Part 2 of 2

Hello Lovelies~

 Last time we spoke, I was sharing Dinosaurs and Sea Life with you, this time, we'll cover the Hope Diamond Collection and Dinner that night.

 Pure Quartz. It's looks small ish in the picture, but it actually came up to my waist! It was amazing to see and feel. The Energy that radiated off of it made me feel all shivery.

These were the best pictures from my phone of this incredible collection. I'll do another post when I get the pictures from Kelly's camera. Every Piece was.... indescribable to experience.

 The next few pictures are of the Hope Collection's less precious, but equally amazing display.

There was so much to see, I wish I could show ya'll everything! But That would take forever >.>  It really would.

Super cute popcorn machine outside the museum.

Duncan Doughnuts in China Town!  And the Entrance to China Town is below.

 This is sadly the best part of China Town in D.C.

By the time we got home, her family was back from the Boyscout Jamboree, so we all went out to eat. I was told it was a very nice restaurant, so I dressed up!  As it turns out, I was the most dressy of our group, but It was ok. ^_^ I tend to be one of the more Dressed to Impress in a group.

I wore my Black and White Meta dress. The hair style is an amazing feet of awesomeness. It is held together with one boby pin and the two hair sticks you see in front. That's it. It didn't move all night O.O....

As an appetizer we have the most delicious Grilled Bruschetta with a Triple Tomato and Mozzarella salad. It was tossed with a light sprinkle of parsley and a healthy drizzle of thick Balsamic Vinegar. It was so yummy.

 This particular appetizer isn't on the menu and is only served for a few weeks of the year due to the tomatoes only being grown and harvested within a certain window of time. I was so lucky to get to try this!   

For my main dish, I got the Jambalaya Pasta. It had strips of chicken, beef, and large shrimp in it. I added button mushrooms for a bit more texture and oh my lord! Heaven!

Kelly got the Whiskey Barbeque Burger, which was oh so yummy!

And her brother, Chris, got the plank grilled Mahi Mahi with onion straws. The fish was lightly seasoned, so the natural flavor really came through. It was very good.

 Then.....This came out.

Bread Pudding in a White Chocolate cream topped with a Vanilla Bean ice cream and accented with Raspberry sauce made into cute hearts.

 Su cute! So good! Served warm! There was almost a fight over this desert. But we were all so full after dinner that there were only a few fork battles and in the end, we were all satisfied. ^_^

That is the end of Day 2!

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's time for a little Inspiration!

Hello Lovelies~

 It's been to long since my last Inspirational photo post, so here we go. As pre usual, the photos you see here we all found on (I love this site. I don't know why....but It's like my crack)

       I want these shoes so bad! They make me long for September. Cooler weather, but not to cold for peep toes and open weave lace cages. I can see pairing these with a light weight knit shawl and warm caramel colored hair.

How cute are these bunnies?! The cupcake look edible as well, but those bunnies are adorable! As I look at them I wonder if they are Marshmallow or Marzipan....but either way this picture make me want to make my food a lot more cute.                                                                                                

         This picture inspires me to smile. The cup is so cute and I love Tulips.

How amazing are these bows? I wish I could see the whole shoe they belong to. The tiny hint of white pokadots on yellow match with the white and dusty salmon pink inspires me to not be so timid with my color choices and outfit planning. Bold is going to be my new favorite word! I can't wait to mix a bit of Bold in with my Lolita.

Baby pink is so over. It's all about the light roses, dusty pinks, and warm classic colors for me. Not that I don't still love light pink, it's one of my favorite colors. But I'm so pleased to see classic colors coming back into fashion. Muted colors remind me of vintage photographs and romantic movies.

  These Necklaces!!!!! I'm not an X-Box girl, I'm a Nintendo girl myself, but I need one of these! 

               How pretty is this Latte art? I don't drink Coffee, but I find the art stunning.

So this is what I'm finding inspiring this month. I hope you find a little inspiration from these wonderful pictures. What are you being inspired by this month?

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Trip : Part 2 (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 Part 2 of my vacation and if you thought I took a lot of pictures in my last post, You haven't seen anything yet. Sadly, I don't have most of the pictures from that day, but only the important ones will go here, so as to keep ya'll attention and not over load your poor computers...or mine for that matter. ^_^

Make up before the day started. Light natural eyes and bright pink lips. I used the 'Tarte' lip color that changes depending on your person PH balance. It you haven't tried it, it recommend it! It usually turns a Strawberry Rose color on me, but it changes to a Ice Pink on my mum. It's an awesome lip color.

Metro!! The small train ride from the first day at the air port was nothing compared to my excitement at actually getting to 'Ride the Rails'. I wish I lived in a place that had a metro system. I love trains.

Above is the day pass my friend got me and below is the map of the metro system and the trains we rode.

           We got on at the blue line. Switched to the yellow line, then to the Red Line.

A picture of the train we rode. It was very cool to see all of the different people who rode the Metro. From the fashionable to the rushing off to work set, the metro was a great place to people watch.

 I took this before I was informed I was not allowed to take pictures at this particular station, but I got to take lots more pictures of the walls and ceilings, which are amazing! (Please refer back to my post Lighting and Detail work from D.C.  to see these pictures )

                                                A far away picture of the White House

                    A far away picture of the Washington Monument under construction.

The entrance to the National History Museum. The Elephant is pretty spectacular, I must say.

 Kelly and I hit the gift shop before we saw any of the exhibits. Just incase we forgot by the end of our excitement. Which happened, because we forgot to go back and get anything ^^;

The panda ears were SO cute! But at $12.99 a set, I thought I could make a set for less.

This was one of the Jelly Fish sculptures.

Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish

Largest Shark jaws ever!

Best part of my trip right here!


o.o....Yes. This really was amazing. I never ever grew out of my Dinosaur phase as a child. I do to the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' exhibit ever time it's in town. I even have a stuffed Triceratops named Midori.

Anyways. Pictures. All taken with my Cell phone by the way ^_^

From the 'Unlocking the Human Genome' exhibit. I love the shine of the light. The yellow marks are supposed to be genetic code. It was beautiful to see.

I also saw the Hope collection. It was stunning! Amazing! Breath Taking! But my phone couldn't get any pictures due to the lighting.

Chinese D&D it was pretty cool to see.

The entrance to China Town in D.C. But sadly....this was the most exciting part of the experience. It was a bunch of restaurants and no shopping what so ever.

But I really liked this gate. It was very cool!

 Stay tuned for Day 2 part 2. I swear, this was a long day! It was awesome though.


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