Thursday, March 28, 2013

LBC : Design an Outfit around an Animal

Hello Lovelies~

 Has anyone else been suffering from the 'Not Quite Summer Yet' blues? I'm feeling all kinds of drained! But with any luck the weather will change soon and I'll get back into a regular-ish posting schedule.

But for now, it's LBC day and this week we have a really fun subject. ' Pick and Animal and Create an Outfit around it'.

 Now there are plenty of animals that are considered Lolita, like Bears, Bunnies, Kittens, Dogs, and Dear. I love all of these animals, especially Dear and Bunnies, but I wanted to do something a bit the typical frilly path.

Despite my love of light blue, pink, ruffles, and chiffon, I LOVE animal prints! Leopard/Cheetah being my favorite. I'm sure those of you who've been following me for awhile might remember my Cheetah Print bedspread and my pink Cheetah Print slippers.

I even have a Cheetah print stocking when Christmas comes around ^_^ So I can bet you can tell what animal I picked!

Let's get to the outfit~

 I started with Metamorphoses' 'Rose Leopard' printed High Waist Pinafore Dress. I've had my eye on this dress for a long time and am so in love with this print it's not funny.

I'm not sure about the floppy bow on the front, but the dress and print are amazing, so the bow can be over looked. Personally, I'd remove it and use it another way.

 I'm of the opinion that some dresses don't need an under layer, but in the fall and winter I would pair this dress with this super cute blouse from IW.

This is the 'Standing Collar Dobby Blouse'. It's a very nice piece that would be a very easy to coordinate with other outfits and I am all about using clothes in more than one look.

 I looked for a good pair of cheetah printed tights, but I didn't see a set I liked, so I chose a nice pair of cream tights instead. 'We Love Color' has a wonderful selection of colored tights for ALL sizes and for this outfit I went with the Light Tan or Ivory colors.

Light colored tights equal dark shoes and while 'Tea Parties' are cute, this dress deserves something you can strut in.

The 'Lace Scallop Heart Short Boots' from Innocent World was just the ticket! The heel is high enough to make the legs look great, while the boots verses high heels keeps the look from being to Gyaru.

 No look is complete without the right bag! This chocolate and beige colored 'Classical Charm' hand bag from IW is more than cute!

Above is the bag with the heart charm, and below is the bad without it.

Top is all off with a cute Beret or Bow and it's done. For hair accessory options I recommend....

The 'Beret with Ribbons and Pearls' from Innocent World.

The matching 'Rose Leopard' printed barrette.

The 'Saint's Pearl Headdress' from Alice and the Pirates.


The 'Leopard Beret' from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

 I hope you enjoyed this post and please go check out the other posts from the other wonderful members of the Lolita Blog Carnival.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Makeup Tutorial ~ On The Go : Travel Makeup Video

Hello Lovelies~

     As per my New Years Resolution, which I am still trying to stick to, I am trying to become more comfortable in front of the camera so that means ya'll get Makeup tutorials when I get the chance ^_^

The lighting in my room is still bad. But I think this video came out better than I expected.

 I hope you like the video, don't forget to comment!

Thanks for reading and watching ^_^

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival : Week 24 : Your Favorite Type of Accessory!

Hello Lovelies~

 Thank goodness it's Friday!~ That means that it's the beginning of the weekend, my day off, and time for another Lolita Blog Carnival Post!

This week it is all about Accessories. We are supposed to post on our favorite accessory but as I worked on this over the week, I started to wonder if I was supposed to post on My Favorite Accessory, as in something I actually own, or if the post was supposed to be about My Favorite Accessories in general.

I decided to blend the two ideas! The challenge was really kind of open ended.


  To kick things off, we'll start with the accessory I actually own.

This is an older picture of me, I mean my hair is brown and everything!!!, Lol, But seriously. The headdress happens to be my favorite accessory. It is the Metamorphose Princess R.Lace Headdress.

 It was given to me by a friend who is very close to my heart for my birthday one year I do believe and I wear it quite often.

 I love it because it's simple, elegant, and can go with most anything I pair it with. Black and white, Pink, Red, Skirts, Dresses, It's very versatile and that is what I look for in all of my accessories. I pay a lot for them, so I want to use them for more than one thing ^_^

See? Dressed up or down, this headdress is a classic.

If you can make out the white frill in front, that is the headdress flat. It's such a bright white that getting pictures of it is really hard.

 Now, as for my favorite accessories in general, I must say I think in has to be False Nails.

That's right, False Nails are my favorite accessory. Sure, I love a beautiful peal necklace, I like my headdresses and head bows and my frilly socks, but if you walk out of the house and have old or chipped nail polish, it can really take away from the finished look you have put together.

 I confess, I walk out of the house and my nails rarely look perfect. My job is rough on them and more often than not, my nails are uneven and my polish is severely chipped, but I try to keep the nice. When I get a day to relax and dress up, my nails are the last thing on my mind, I just want to get out of the door and enjoy my day off, not spend all day getting ready for it!

I used to feel self conscious about them, but then I decided to fix the problem rather than always feel awkward about them. I bought my first pair of nails the very next day and put them in my purse with a package of thick adhesive to hold them in place.

 False nails are easy to find in stores, on line, or you can even make them yourself. They range in price and size, so if you want a look that is wearable over and over that can coordinate with every outfit and doesn't take forever to dry! Then I would recommend looking into getting a pair to try out for yourself.

  I have worn that set so much that they can't be worn any longer, and sadly, have no pictures of them to show all of you, but that's alright. I make my own nails now and showing off my own hard work is always more fun!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will check out the other posts in this topic from the other wonderful LBC girls.

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