Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buns and Braids

Hello Lovelies~

 This weekend is OSFest, a Local Scifi convention here in Omaha. I have one panel today, about Fanzines and how the are still relevant, and two panels tomorrow. One about bad fanfiction and one about the myths behind the classic Superhero.

I felt like being a little fancy today, seeing as it's Saturday and I have don't have work at all, so I decided to wear my Hansel and Gretel JSK! I love this dress so so so much ^_^ But what the best part of the outfit today is my hair!

 I spent an hour or so styling it just right so here are some pictures I took.

Here you can see the whole look. My bangs are curled, The top half of my hair is pigtailed, then done in small puffy buns, and the bottom of my hair is pigtailed and braided.

Just the small puffy buns with my hair bows that match my dress!!! I am so excited to finally find a hair style to wear these with.

And a better picture of my bangs. and makeup. I have a light mint green on my eyes and purple eyeliner with a soft pink lipstick that I might change out for a brighter, more playful, bubblegum or cotton candy pink.

 If you noticed, I'm not wearing an undershirt with my JSK, which is almost taboo here in America for Lolita. But's hot! Too hot for lots of layers. So just the dress today. I hope it goes over well.

Have a great weekend and let me know what you think of the Hairstyle.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Younkers Make up Trend Event Results!

Hello Lovelies~

 On Saturday I attended a Summer Makeup event hosted by Estee Lauder, held at Younkers. I had a lot of fun and learned that I am a level 1 on the skin darkness chart. Level 1 being the palest color their is.....Go Figure ^_^;

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, as I left my phone at home by mistake, so I don't have pictures of my pretty outfit or of the freshly done make up, but I do have pictures of the results after 5 hours of work and a temp of 89 degrees.

 So what's the trend of the summer? Purples.

Light violets, plums, orcid, and bright bright pinks. The colors are beautiful and I want everyone to go out and check them out for yourselves. They are so so pretty!

Here you can see the foundation they used has really smoothed out and taken away the redness that usually takes over my cheeks. My make up specalist used the 'Double Wear Light Weight' Foundation and Concealer, then set it all with the 'Double Wear Light Weight Powder' in the color Linen.

 I found the results spectactular and it really was light weaight and easy to wear. it even stayed put through repeated blotting and an entire day of work. I'd love to have each of these products in my collection.

On my lips my artist put a 'Wild Plum' Gloss stick, which was only slightly darker than in the picture when it was first applied. it was smooth and it didn't get gummy after hours of wear. So I say this is worth the investment and really want it in my collection as well.

We went light and romantic wuth my eyes. We used a Cream Shadow base called 'Golden Sand', then lightly layered 'Iridescent Violet' on the lid and 'Pink Flash' for alittle soft glitter and highlights. To complete the look we used a Violet eye liner which I really liked.

Here is a picture of the look with my eyes cloed.


What I don't have a good picture of, but you can see in the picture above is the blush that was used. I'm not normally a blush wearer. I have enough pinkness in my cheeks, but when this lovely pink/purple blush was pulled out and lightly ghosted over my cheeks, I fell in love. I felt like a fairy tale was so different. I plan to get this color as soon as I have some extra money.

  So! As a 'Thank You' for attending the event, the money that I payed to reserve my make over time was gifted back to me. So I got $25 to buy anything I what did I get???

Why the Violet Eyeliner of course ^_^

What's this....Has anyone else noticed I no longer have pink hair? Lol! My work said 'NO' very loudly and So I had to dye it back. Though it turned red when I tried to cover it and it's now a light light light red brown color. I really like how it turned out, even if I didn't get to keep my pink hair.

 I'll be Reveiwing the Eyeliner tomorrow, so Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Up coming Events!

Hello Lovelies~

 There are a lot of events coming up in my area and I am so excited to attend everything. I thought I'd share my schedule with you so you'd know what was going on in the area as well ^_^ and of course, a sneak peek list of up coming posts ^_~

July 16th : Younkers Summer Make Up Trend Event

July 22-23 : OSFest (A local Scifi convention where I'll be hosting panels)

July 26th : Elizabeth Arden launch of their new Gift Set (Which I've already pre ordered ^_^ )

August 1st : Girls night out at Bare Escentuals ( We will be getting to see the new 'Wild at Heart' collection Demonstrated. I also have this collection on Pre Order ^_^ )

August 27th : Why...That's my birthday! So of course something awesome will be planned ^_^

 More events and pictures as they happen or get planed, but that's it for the update!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Style Focus : Classic Lolita

Hello Lovelies~

 It's time again for another Focus and do you know what the whole community is turning it's eyes to?


                                                                  Classic Lolita!

I love Classic Lolita. This is the style that most styles want to grow up to be. it's elegant and graceful and so so beautiful. Muted and Neutral colors play together well and tend to create magic.

 The two main Classic brands are Innocent World and Victorian Maiden. I've found IW is a more accessible brand, but die hard Classic girls tend to gravitate to VM due to their un sweet eye.

While Innocent World flirts and dances along the line of Classic and Classic Sweet. Which I feel are two different styles. Victorian Maiden, on the other hand, rarely strays into the Sweet category and stays true to the subdued elegance that this style calls for.

 So let's break this style down, what elements can you use to create a wonderful Classic look?

                                                                      Jumper Skirt
When looking for a good Classic JSK or OP, stay away from boarder prints. Instead, look for floral all over prints with small ruffles or lace around the bottom.

                                                                           One Piece

When looking for a full dress, it's all in the sleeves. Small puffy cap sleeves are very indicative of the Classic Lolita Look. Dresses with the typical short sleeve, even a cinched puff sleeve, tend to be found on Sweeter dresses and take away from the grown up appeal Classic Lolita's strive for.


The Classic silhouette is more of an smooth A-line then a rounded cupcake. The skirt shown above is the best representation of this statement.

 Sure, it's a more playful style from IW that does flirt on the sweet side, but could look super classic with a turtle neck, a set of pearls, and a pair of shiny loafers....of course that doesn't sound Classic, but add a frill here or there and it would be an easy look to wear to an office or to class, or even on a date. Casual and elegant.

And speaking of pearls....

They are a defining presence in a Classic outfit. How much more classic could you get than a classy strand of pearls?

 Other accessories include....




                                                                    And a good Purse.

When planing a Classic Lolita outfit I turn to the three ladies with the most elegance and poise I can think of for inspiration.

                                                                   Elizabeth Taylor

                                                                        Audrey Hepburn

                                                        And Jackie Kennedy-Onassis

These women embody beauty and poise and were each style icons in their own right. Every time they went out they made a statement. Whether it was Jackie wearing those huge sunglasses or Elizabeth Taylor in all of her jewelry. There was never a time when people didn't stop and say, 'wow'.

  That's it for this addition of Style Focus. I normally don't toss in my own influences at the end of this segment, but I thought I'd go for something new, what do you think?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 things you didn't know about me....

Hello Lovelies~

 The other day I was having a movie night with a friend and guess what we were watching? Shrek!!! I love the whole fairytale world and we watched every Shrek movies so far, one right after another. Afterwards, we were talking about this and that and it struck me.....Ogres may be like Onions, But Lolitas are like Roses!

We keep secrets folded and over lapped and only let the world see the petals we want it to see.

There is a community on Livejournal called 'Loli Secrets', where girls can post Anonymously about things they just can't contain, but I feel that's cheating.

 You aren't telling the world something for them to know you, you are staying hidden within your pretty layers and I won't be one of those girls.

 So the following are 5 things you may or may not know about me.....

1 : I read romance novels like they are going out of style.

 It's true! I've been reading historical romances since I was eleven and my collection fills two book cases. Five shelves each, top to bottom, two rows deep, stacked two high with three or four books stuck in Horizontally on top, which are stacked two deep as well. My favorite writers are Eloisa James and Lisa Klypes.

Keep in mind, this is just my collection, not including my mom's collection of romances, or any of the other books we have around the house which include text books, non romance books, Manga, magazines, and cook books.

2 : I have done payment plans for all of my Brand Dresses.

 I have been lucky to find wonderful people on the EGL Sales Community that are willing to let me make payments on my clothes. $150 is a lot to pay for a dress all at one time and that's for a cheep, none printed Meta dress, Baby dresses go for $200 and up.

I have to put gas in my car and eat, so I usually pay about $30 every two weeks or so. It takes longer, but it's worth the wait.

3 : I don't put away my clothes once they are folded.

 I have a terrible 'Out of site, Out of mind' issue and if I put away my clothes, I tend to forget about them. I even switched to a bookcase so I could see everything, but still even now, I leave my clothes in my laundry baskets and search for what I need when I need it. I know I could do the same with a dresser...but it never seems to work out that way.

I don't know why I do this, there isn't any logic to it, but there it is. It drive my mother batty!

4 : I hate wearing shoes.

 I swear, I'd be a shoe nudest if I could. I only wear shoes and socks for Lolita outings and work. Other than that I wear flip flops, which is as close to being barefoot as I can get in public and let me tell you....No matter how hard you try, there is no way to make a Lolita Flip Flop. It just doesn't work!

I spent many wonderful years living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where shoes are almost an option at most places. So even though I moved away long ago, the transition to shoes never took. I have forgotten my shoes in the strangest places due to my want to take them off all the time....I think the strangest time was at a dance club.

 I got all the way home before I realized I wasn't wearing my heels and by the time I got back to the club, they were gone. I really liked those heels. It was sad.

5 : I plan my social calender around what's on T.V.

 It may sound sad, but I have an entertainment addiction. Movies, Books, T.V., Radio Drama. If it has a story to it, I want to see how it all unfolds. I used to be bad about this. I'd unplug my phone, turn off the cell phones, and order pizza because cooking is dangerous when you're not paying attention. But lucky for me most cable providers have the expanded box which lets you record t.v. ahead of time. So I never worry about missing a show anymore and I can pause them when I need to, so cooking is a lot easier now.

The only issues is you can only record two things in the same time slot. And some days I have three or four shows that come on at the same time. So On Demand is my friend ^_^

 So there it is. Nothing major in this small list. I've never killed someone or become bulimic to fit into a certain brand, but this list is about having you get to know me a bit better.

I started this blog to help me open up and express myself and I can say with pride that I am now a more open person than I was two years ago. I love sharing my feelings and thoughts with all of you and hearing your responses really warms my heart.

 I have improved my commenting system a bit, so hopefully it's working better now, but I still can't figure out to have in all in one window....I'll figure it out ^^;

 So thank all of you so much for reading and sticking with me!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Start the day off...Cute!

Hello Lovelies~

 I've been trying to loose weight lately and while I find the number stays the same, no matter when I weigh myself, my waist measurement has gone from a 50 to a 43 in the last year. I'm very proud of myself and though I did a few radical things like cut back on my soda intake, cut half of the dairy I ate out of my life, and now tend to choose a grilled chicken sandwich over the greasy soaked burgers I honestly loved, I found that starting the day off with a simple breakfast has helped my journey along.

Now I don't mean Breakfast in the traditional views. I myself don't tend to wake up until 3 p.m. -ish on my days off, so I consider breakfast the first meal I eat no matter what time I happen to wake up.

 I've never been one to wake up and immediately sit down to eat. In fact, the smell of eggs and bacon, or any cooking food that soon after getting out of bed tends to make me sick, but since it's summer and fruit is so readily available, I don't have to deal with the smell of hot cooking food and I have enough time to wake up while I prepare....Fruit Salad!

Yes, that's right. I have taken to eating Fruit Salad for breakfast most mornings. I love the fresh taste and it's light enough that I don't feel like sitting down and taking a nap afterwards.

 Here is my favorite blend : 1 Banana, 1 Kiwi, 1 handful or two of Black Berries, 5 Strawberries, 11/2 Spoonfuls of Vanilla Yogurt, and 2-5 pieces of Water Melon

I add and subtract things as I see fit. It all depends on my mood...and what's in my kitchen at the time, but I took pictures of my plate this morning and I think you'll like it ^_^

                                                                       Ta dah!

Cute huh? I love making my food cute, makes it more fun to eat ^_^!
I carved the watermelon hearts myself, but if  you wanted to eat faster, cookie cutters are the trick. I recommend a seedless melon, but if the type with the seeds are cheaper go with what is best for your pocketbook.

 What do you like to eat when you first wake up? Are you a cereal person or do you actually go all out?


Friday, July 1, 2011

Bare Escentuals Make Up Review!

Hello Lovelies~

 Last week I got paid and while I should've paid a bill or part of one, it really wasn't enough to do so, so instead I put gas in my car and went shopping with what I had left.

I hit the bath and Body Works Sale, which I will do a separate post on, the Younkers Make Up Counter, where I fell in love with a rose pink lip stick and was informed that the Estee Lauder counter was having a 'Summer Trend Event' on the 16th of July, which I promptly signed up for and put the lip stick back to pick it up when next I came in. I also went to the Bare Escentuals store!

 I absolutely love their make up. My whole family uses their make up and while I'm not as .... loyal to the brand as the rest of my family is, I do like their colors and find it stays on longer than most other foundations tend to.

Be that as it may, what I didn't know was All through the month of June, they were having their 'We are 35 years old, so we are selling a box of make up for $35' sale. It was wild. I didn't even let the sales rep get though her pitch before I told her to ring me up!

 I am a sucker for Limited Addition colors and when I was told that there would be a special key chain included, I was sold.

 A picture of the bag, not needed, but it's such a pretty pink color, I thought I'd show it off.

The collection was called 'Love and Happiness' and as such, all of the colors are rather light and good for day time spring looks.

This is the whole collection. Blush, Eye shadow, Eye Primer, Eye Liner, and Lip Gloss/Balm.

This is hard to tell, but the color is actually a Hunter Green. It looks great on the eye and applies super smooth. I am really looking forward to getting more eye liners from this brand.

This is the blush. It's a really bright orange cherry look and gives the cheeks a fresh burst of color.

Above is a swatch of the color. It blends so well with my skin tone it was hard to get a picture, but when I tried it on the inside of my forearm is blended well there as well. So no matter how you wear this color, it won't be to over whelming. I liked that.

Here is the Eye Shadow. It's a really pretty light gold Ecru color.

This one showed up better, but I had to dab it on thick to get the picture. This is a great accent color, but you'd want to use darker colors with it. This does not lend itself to a neutral palette. It's to pale and bright at the same time. It would go well with rose pinks and violets though.

The one picture that turned out well was the Lip Gloss/Balm swatch. This is a beautiful full red color. Not quite a black berry, not quite a cherry, it smooths on the lips nicely and stays put. It's so light that hours later I had forgotten I'd even put anything on! It's a great color.

And here is a picture of me wearing everything together.

Like I said. These colors are made for a Day Time look and could supplement a night look, but would never be the focal color.

 My eyes are actually lined with a white eye liner rather than the green liner. I felt it went with the palette better.

And for those of you who noticed, my hair is no longer pink. Sadly, my work did not like my radical decision and I was told to change it back or else. So when I dyed it back, it turned red ^_^ I was so happy with the result. You can even see dark mauve high lights when in the sun.

 What do you think? How do you like the colors?



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