Thursday, October 6, 2011

Green is not always a good color....

Hello Lovelies~

 Do you have a sin you associate with? Are you greedy? Do you indulge in that extra slice of cake? Is putting things of for another day an art form for you? Maybe you have a quick temper....

It happens. No one is perfect. Sometimes I think I should've been born with green eyes rather than blue. My sin would have to be Envy.

It's not a pretty sin to admit to. I don't always long for what everyone else has. To be honest I am usually happy with what I have in my life, but from time to time my green eyed monster flares up and I want to throw fits and kick and scream and be completely bratty until I get what I want.

What?? That's not good! You should be proper and sweet all the time! .....Who says? I'm human just like anyone else and I'm not to proud to admit that I am very jealousy and envious of a friend of mine that is going on the BTSSB/AatP trip next week.

 But my envy burns bright and then is gone. I think my inner monster has the sin of sloth, because once I'm done being jealousy I'm over it. I don't hold on to those dark feelings.

I hope my good friend has a great time in Japan. She is planning on taking tons of pictures and shopping and knowing that she is going to go and have such a great time make me want to work even harder to save my money and go to Japan myself.

I don't look good with green eyes. I much prefer my natural blue color which is as calm and deep as the ocean.

 It's alright to indulge your sins. Eat that extra piece of cake if you want, just cut it in half and know that to much is to much but a little extra is just fine ^_~ Have a lazy day, then get up the next day and do something productive like laundry or sweeping. Be angry, then let the anger go! Don't let you inner monsters control you or take over for to long.

                                                     i i i i i i i i

Speaking of cake........ >.<  Above is my first attempt at Keyboard Art.... Does it look like a cake?

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TC said...

Heeee. I really liked the pic choices. Very good to go with your post!


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