Monday, October 10, 2011

Estee Lauder Review: Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme

Hello Lovelies~

 I'm back again with another review and let me just say, Estee Lauder has hypnotic soul catching abilities and after one try, I can't get enough of their hand creme!

The small hand creme is $45 and for that price you get 3.4 fl.oz. of the thickest most lucsurious hand lotion I had ever had the pleasure of smoothing over my hands.

 When I first looked at this creme, I was a little put off by the fact that it was for not only deep hydration, but for age spot prevention. I'm only 25! What do I need with age spot prevention? But the more I shopped around and tried other products, I kept coming back to this wonderful lotion.

Winter is coming up and I get really dry skin in the colder months. The more I thought about what I liked about this hand lotion, the more I liked the fact that it's velvety smooth and thick like body butter with no greasy resedue. It soaks right into the skin and after two weeks it has actually smoothed my hands and I have been told how amazingly soft my hands are more in the last month than in my entire life.

 If you are tired of putting on product after product and not seeing the results promised with drier and drier hands as a result, this will be the last product you'll ever need. You'll use half the amount and see better results in half the time.

Results: I would buy this product again. I am in love with it!

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