Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Lovelies~

 Halloween is coming up in a few weeks and I while I know a lot of bloggers will be posting about great costumes for Lolitas that still want to wear their frills on the night of ghouls and ghosts. But I wanted to talk about a more taboo subject that lots of people dance around, even when it's not Halloween.

Cosplay with Lolita!

 O.O.....What? Yes! Think about it! Halloween is really the only time that Cosplay and Lolita can be merged! have you thought about a Mario Lolita cosplay and not wanted to tell anyone because of the strong stipulations that Lolita is not Cosplay? This is the night to do it. The one night a year where all of your Striped socks and Minnie Mouse Lolita wishes will be over looked and embraced as epic!

Go crazy, get it out of your system. Have fun!

 Now the flip side of this is when girls do this and put a lot of work into their outfits, they then want to wear them to conventions and show off their awesome work and while the general population of the convention will accept it and take pictures, these outfits are generally avoided by traditional Lolita that are very strong believers of the iron clad, unshakable rule that Lolita is NOT cosplay.

Being avoided and shunned hurts, no one likes it, but Halloween is for the Lolita that loves Cosplay and longs to merge the two.

 So do it! Merge and blend, then put it away for next year.

Halloween is your time Cosplay Lolita! Show your colors, be creative, this one day of the year, you will be fully accepted.

What are you planning on being for Halloween? I am going for a cute Bee Lolita look ^_^

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