Monday, April 18, 2011

For the love of a Small Convention

Hello Lovelies~

 Over the weekend, I attended a wonderful Scifi convention by the name of ConStellation, which was held in Lincoln Nebraska, and I had a great time. The staff really knows how to host a three day party!

I hosted six or seven panels over the course of two days, ate a lot of yummy cake and various different things from the Con Suite, hung out with friends, made new friends, and caught up on juicy gossip ^_~. In the span of two days, there was mild drama, major drama (none with me personally, but I know it happened), photos, outfit changes, smiles and tears, but it wouldn't be a great con with out those elements.

 Friday I wore a sweet punk-ish outfit and there was only one picture of it. It's slightly blurry and I'm not the main focus of it as it was more of a general picture rather than a photo with a purpose but I'll show it to ya'll anyways ^_^

I'm the only one in the picture wearing a large head bow. I wore a hot pink shirt with black trim, a pink and white trimmed triple tiered skirt, black fishnets, black lace up granny boots, a over sized white Metamorphose head bow, and two necklaces. One was a long chain with a bird cage, complete with steel swinging bird inside, and the second was a gothic style cameo on a velvet length of ribbon.

 I wish I had gotten petter pictures of this outfit, but I'll be wearing it again soon, so I'll get pictures then!

That night I ran two panels and my mom ran one. Our Panel list of the night was : Para para @ 9pm., Tales of Fanfiction Horror @ 11pm, and Midnight Tarot @ Midnight.

 To be was us competing against the rave going on upstairs, I had no one show up for the first two panels, and only three show up to the last one. I was sad, but I understood that we were slatted at a difficult time.

Saturday was wonderful! I ran another panel and mom and I both ran the other two. Here is what I wore for Saturday...

I was in a long sleeved white shirt, a black and white diamond patterned dress I made myself (Straps coming soon), white knee high socks, black mary jane heels, and the gothic cameo on the velvet ribbon that I wore the previous day.  I put my hair up with rose hair pins and I was surprised that they help all of my hair up and to the side all day!

  Here is another picture just for fun !!!

      In this one you can kind of see my nails, which I will be posting a full post on in a day or so.

I hosted the Lolita 101 panel and was very pleased by the turn out. I hope the guys that attended will attempt the Male Lolita styles and that the girls will go out and build their wardrobes while keeping the style their own.

  I was also host to The Hero of 1000 faces @ 4, which went over smashingly, and From Firefly to Serenity @ 11 which was amazing given that the audience knew the series inside and out and we were all able to have a great discussion about the show and after the given hour, it wondered off course and turned into a, 'Any and Every thing is fair game' panel. It was wicked!

One of my favorite things about the con is the Con suite. It is the best, well stocked, well rounded, con suites one could ask for. And I've seen a lot of Con Suites, so I know what I'm talking about.

 Not only was there cake, which was killer, there was fruit and baklava for breakfast, chips, popcorn, skittles, rice crispy treats, home made brownies, and hot dogs and chilli for dinner. I'm not even mentioning other things that were eaten before or after I got there, just the things I saw myself.

I want to take this moment to thank the convention staff who worked so hard to make the experience one that will never be forgotten. For any of you that are reading, and I know there may be one or two, Thank you SO much and I can't wait to attend next year!!!!!

I really love this convention and look forward to returning next year for ConStellation 3 and I hope those of you who can will come and experience this amazing convention for yourselves.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun with Food

Hello Lovelies~

 Welcome to April! It's still so cold here in Nebraska, the weather man says it'll be 64 degrees and it starts's been a crazy spring. But all this wild weather has let me have more time to bake and try to heat my home with out turning on my heat because I think it's insane to pay the soul sucking prices when making a cake or cupcakes will warm the whole middle level, which is where I am for most of the time I'm awake anyways.

My favorite part of cupcakes, other than eating them is frosting them! So here are some pictures of the cupcakes I've been making lately.

 First the unfrosted chocolate ones! I love the heart tins I found around Valentines day. Aren't they cute?

My first attempt at using a can of spray icing. I really like the texture and it was so creamy!

Upside down picture!

This is my favorite! It looks like a blooming rose, I hated to eat it until I did it a second time. Now I have no problem making them ^_^ I know what I'm making for my next tea party!

Same cupcake from another angle....and yes, that is 'The Cape' on my T.V. Who doesn't love Summer Glau?

 Well there you have it, my cold day hobby. What do you do when it's to cold to do anything outside?


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