Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just a relaxing holiday at home....

Hello Lovelies~

 Today is Valentines day and sadly, I happen to be spending it without a romantic partner. I thought about blogging about making home made sweets, but every attempt I made didn't turn out right in some way or other. The chocolate cracked and flaked apart, the jellies never firmed up, and my marshmallows oozed....>.>.... Lol! I am usually very good at making sweets, but desert making is all about emotions. So to save my kitchen from another iced chocolate issue, I decided to make tonight all about loving myself. That's right dearest readers, that means a Spa Night!

Facial masks, Nails, Soft music, and  all the Action movies I can handle! Who doesn't love a great action movie were the hero may or may not get the girl in the end, depending on what movie you decided to watch. I happened to watch Die Hard, The A-Team, and Speed after I watched a show called 'Friends With Benifits'. Can I just say.....O_O. There are no other words for that movie. It wasn't bad, but oh my lord......

 Any ways!

If you have never used a facial mask, it does wonders for the skin. I use various different masks...Avocado and Oatmeal. Lemon and Mint. And a Dead Sea Salt one that is Blue! But today I went for luxurious and used the 'Freeman: Feeling Beautiful Chocolate and Strawberry Clay Mask'. I usually don't like the smell of chocolate unless it's edible....it always smells....dark and artificial. But this mask is wonderful. It looks and feels like a thick milk chocolate and after you've let it dry and rinsed it off, it leaves your skin so smooth and soft!

 A single use package is available at your local Walmart for $1.37, but a full bottle, which is 7oz., is no more than $4-$9 dollars at your local drugstore, or can be found online.

While I wanted for the mask to dry, I painted my nails. I went with something bold and bright to really highlight the lighter pink hearts I painted on it later. The color I went it is 'Pure Ice: Wet T-Shirt'.

It's a new color that has a great finish, even without a topcoat, and has a great glitter effect without being to over powering. Pure Ice is a great 'pick -me -up' on a bad day as it only costs $2 at Walmart. For the best result, I did three coats, but it looked great after two, so it's your choice really.

 I didn't do anything super special with my hair, but put it up into braided pigtails and added some fine glitter to add a bit of sparkle.

I did happen to get a few gifts in the mail today~! I was so excited to wake up and discover fun treats. First, I opened the package from a very close friend. She sent me various stationary, all natured themed!

My favorite ones are the gold embossed bird cards. The colors are soothing and very elegant ^_^

  Next I finally received a treat I found on Etsy. The moment I saw them, I knew I couldn't not have them, so it was money well spent!!!

Ok....the package it came in....

The back of the package it came in.....Ready for the actual treat??

                                                             Tah Dah!!!!!!

Sherlock and Watson key chains!!! They are so very very cute! >.>....Oh dear, is my outer geek being flashy again? Oh well ^_^ For Sherlock, I will always be a fangirl.

 So to end my Valentine's Day, I grabbed my closest best friend and gave her a hug. Her name is Dani and she is my mom. The person who loves me for me and doesn't try to change me to much.With out her I wouldn't know what real love is. So to her I wish her all the love in the world.

I hope your valentine's day was as good as mine ^_^

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