Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting Organized! Make up round up, part 2

Hello Lovelies~

 Here it is! The next instalment of my personal campaign to get organized! My eye shadow collection isn't as big, nor as flashy as I wish it were, but I enjoy dressing up my eyes ^_^ I think they are one of my best features.

So here we go!!

So here is the whole collection. It varies from loose pigments, to pressed pallets. Muted colors, vibrant colors, Lot's of golds and pinks. Every day neutrals for work wear and brights for a pop of fun and excitement for nights out.

The first set is from an online company called, 'Aromaleigh'. A few years ago they had a Gothic Lolita and a Sweet Lolita collection and sadly, neither collection is available anymore, but I feel lucky to still have these colors in my possession. If you ever find yourself with a little disposable income, try this make up company. The pigments wear well, but can be removed easily with a good make up remover.

From left to right, we have Satin Lace, Plush Romantic, Purple Princess, Wonderland, Dawnbright, and Nightbright.

I like Satin Lace the most. It's a startling bronze that always catches attention!

Next is a pallet I got from Hot Topic. It's called 'Dark' I bought it two years again and never really fell in love with it, it tends to smear more than smooth on. It's cheep, but the light grey on the far left is a fun color to blend with others.

Left to right we have Light Grey/Silver, Dark Grey Green, Dark Purple, Dark Chocolate with Burgendy Glitter, and Black.

From Maybelline, New York, this is the 'Hushed Tint' color pallet. I don't use all of the colors, but I use the beautiful tan color the most. I also use the light pink and white, but the tan is truly worth the $9 I paid for it,

From left to right, we have Purple Mauve, Rust, Sky Blue, Light Pink, White, Grey Green, Tan, Chocolate.

 The light pink is hard to see in this picture and it's hard to see on the eye, but it's a great highlight color when paired with other pinks.

I love the make up from Bareminerals. I wear the three on the right more that the dark one on the left, but I really like how silky smooth they wear. The blend so well!

From left to right we have Brovo, Pure Joy, Soul, and Queen Phyllis Matte. I enjoy the Queen Phyllis Matte the best, Soul is also nice.

These four colors are the cheapest, but most vibrant I own. I got them from a beauty supply shop called 'Sally's' and for $.99 the colors go on like velvet. I really enjoy getting these when I've had a bad day. I mean...$'s a great deal.

From top to bottom we have Emerald, Rose, Lilac, and Peach. On a fun note, I also use this brand for special effect make up. the Lilac, the Peach, and the Rose are great for bruises when used correctly.

Easy Breezy Beautiful.....I love Covergirl~ Their eye shadows are always nice. They tend to be hard pressed and can be a little cake like, but when applied right, it's well worth the money.

From left to right we have Burnished Gold, Champagne, and Rose Mist. I wear the Burnished Gold the most.

I don't remember where I got the first eyeshadow duo, or when I got the third duo set, but the middle one, now that is a new pallet that I have been looking forward to trying out.

On the top are the two eyeshadow duos and along the bottom is the tri-one sweep Loreal palette. So the first two are Berry Pink and Fruits Des Bois. The second two are from the Pink Suede collection. The one sweep shadow really disappointed me. It took three or four tries to get the right pressure to pick up the colors. and even at that, it picked up the brown the best and almost neglected the other two. You can see a small amount of the green, but the tan gold can't be seen at all.

This palette is actually from a company called Elf, found at Target. I discovered this interchangeable palette a month or so before Bareminerals or Lancome came out with their own 'Create your own' color pallets.

From left to right we have a Dark Copper, Slate, Lavender, and Pale Pink. I haven't used these all that often, but I have used the Slate grey once with a set of blues I enjoy...>.>....not that I wear blues....o.o....Lol! Blue eyed people should not wear blue eye shadows, but I do like to indulge from time to time.

These are my least used shadows, but the bright pink and teal on the far left. It's a fun shadow that I haven't seen in a very long time. See what getting organized can do ^_^

From left to right we have Mary Kate and Ashley's Eye Glam in Pretty and Joli. The next two on top and the first shade on the far left on the bottom are from Sally's. The palette is called Cawinkidink. The next color is called Posh Pink from Mary Kay. Then we have a trio of browns that range from Light Tan to Dark Brown. and the last copper smudge is an eye primer from Bareminerals. It is a limited addition color called Brightening Sunlight.

 O.O WOW! Phew! That took a long time. I didn't think I would ever get to the end on my eyeshadow drawer. But I did, and it's all cleaned out and now I can start figuring out what I want to keep and which ones I could stand to part with.

I have come to a very interesting conclusion seems I wear a lot of pinks and golds or...I buy a lot of pinks and golds thinking I don't have enough. If there is one thing this experience has taught me, it's that I can now buy fun colors ^_^

 Thanks for reading and sticking with me!

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