Sunday, February 19, 2012

Etsy Shop Review : Holly Tea Time

Hello Lovlies~

 Work was really hard today. We are in the middle of a large sale at the shop I work at and they are cutting hours. So we are over worked and under staffed. ^o^; It's hard work! And beacuse of this, I haven't prepared a real post for tonight. So I thought I'd share a review of a shirt I received in the last few weeks.

 There will not be a picture of me wearing my shirt in this post due to the fact that I haven't taken one yet and wanted to get the post up before I procrastinated on it any longer ^^;

So! I ordered from an Etsy shop called 'Holley Tea Time'. She does acrylic jewlrey, key chains, buttons, and some of the cutest shirts Ever!!!!

 I ordered the Rainbow Unicorn shirt in a 2X and I am so much more than pleased with it. It's soft and the design is bright and colorful. It sure did cheer me up today when I got home, let me tell you!

Holley was a doll to chat with. She replied to all of my questions swiftly and was nothing but nice and sweet.

 I even got a small added surprise when I opened the package! ok, so here we go! Picture time!

The package was rather plain, but that was ok. Packages are like people! It's what's on the inside that really counts ^_~

My shirt!!!! Oh it's so cute! I got this shirt so I would have more casual Lolita looks for summer because I have a fealing this year is going to be terrible T^T !!! So haveing cute shirts on while my hairstyles wilt will make all the difference.

And here is the suprise! She included two buttons!!! And look *Points* the one on the right matches my shirt ^_^

So here's the break down darlings.

Price = $20 + $5 shipping. Not a bad price for a good shirt. So she gets big 5 in this cadigory
Communication = Excellent! I give Holley a 5 in this cadigory as well!
Product = On a scale of 1-5, I give her a 10! The shirt is so comfy!!

Over all = Perfectly Pleased!

Finder her shop ---> HERE!!!! <----

 I will defenatly be ordering from Holly again, no doubt about it! Her designs make me smile and add a pop of Fairy-kei to my wardrobe. While you won't see me sportting a Pink and Miny split wig loaded with My Little Ponys, beads, and other such OTT things any time soon, I may just be adding a little more pastel into my life in the comeing year ^_~

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