Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines....8 days and counting!

Hello Lovelies~

 It's that time of year again. A time when Red, Pink, and White take over our lives and the price of roses sky rockets! Reservations are made, gifts are purchased, and let's be honest, someone will be in the dog house because they forgot how important the 14th of February is to some people.

While I will still be showing off my makeup as I organize it and telling you about books as I read them, for the next week or so, I will be posting about things to wear, treats to get your loved ones, where to go for a nice night one on a budget, and what to get as apology gifts if you forgot....or what to hint that your partner should get you ^_~

So let's start out with what to wear on the big night!

There are plenty of cute prints out to celebrate the fast approaching holiday, BTSSB has released ' Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance', which is a cute multi striped, all over print.

Bon Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance

I would love to post a few pictures from this collection, but Baby has coded their pictures to make sure they are not stolen. I can understand why they should do this. So please visit the link above to see the print yourself.

Metamorphose's Crown Label has offered us a cute border print called 'Cotton Candy'

Cotton Candy

I think it's a very cute print, no doubt, I mean...everything made of cotton candy? So cute!!! ....but the bunny scares me... >.>... This print is offered in Pink, Light Blue, and Navy. I think it looks best in Navy, but that's just me.

Innocent World is offering a really cute print called 'Berangere Rose', Of all of the offerings this year, this print has stolen my heart!

Offered in three colors, Yellow, Pink, and Blue, I would wear this dress for a night out of Valentines if I have the chance. It's beautiful enough toe translate for every season, you can pair it with either bows or roses in the hair, and it is offered in two lengths! how awesome is that?

Pink...Red...and White....whoever though this color scheme up when creating this holiday did not take into account that not everyone looks good in these colors! I know I don't. White makes me looks awkwardly yellow, Red brings out the red in my skin, no matter how much makeup I put on, and Pink....well....while it's a cute color and I like it a lot, I prefer light blue or black...or even a nice mint color.

  Want to know what I'll be wearing this Valentines? Black.

I think a nice black dress with white pearls strung through my hair and bright pink lips will be fun ^_^ Don't know if I'm doing anything this year, no one has asked me to do anything yet, but I sure know what I'll be wearing!! ^_^

 What will you be wearing my lovelies? Anyone wearing homemade outfits? I'd love to see them! In fact....I'll post any photos of homemade valentines outfits that are e-mailed to me between now and February 14th!

My e-mail is, I look forward to an e-mail or two ^_^

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