Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Lolita Evolution

Hello Lovelies~

 This is my 100th Blog post.....O.O WHAT!?!?! I swear! I never thought I'd get this far, but I have and Thank all of you for sticking with me and reading my articles, tutorials, outfit posts, reviews, and general life updates. I wouldn't have had so much fun doing this with out all of you! So thank you thank you thank you!

Ok! So it took me a long time to think of something big to do for my 100th post. Should I do a sewing tutorial, or a day out with friends, or even a Vlog! ...I quickly nixed that last one, but I'm thinking I might start doing one once a month or so...>.>....maybe ^_~

 But what I finally decided on wasn't actually my own idea. The credit for this post goes to my friend Den, who was on the phone with me for about an hour while we brain stormed. Now we didn't talk about this the whole time, but at one point in the middle of a talk about Christmas plans and how to decorate our respective trees and all of a sudden she says, 'Why don't you do a post about how far you've come as a Lolita?'

Now I've been a Lolita for ... 6 years now. Wow....it's hard to think it's been that long. I have come a long way in my Lolita journey and while I don't have tons and tons of pictures, because I'm usually the one behind the camera rather than in front of it, or at least back then I was, I do have a few from the bad days, the they super casual days, to the better days, to now. Let's take a look!

Even though I started a few years before this picture was taken, I was still trying to find my way in the world. I made the skirt myself, as well as the mini top hat. The shoes were the fanciest shoes I owned and the top was a black tank top over a white shirt. Note the no socks...yeah. I wasn't an Ita by any means, but I wasn't doing it exactly right either.

 I still look back on this picture and smile. It was a good day with great friends and it reminds me that I didn't just appear fully frilly! I had to work on it and it was a slow going learning process. This picture always reminds me to be nice to new Lolitas. To remember that not everyone gets it right the first time.....or the whatever time this was two years later ^^; But all it takes is the right suggestions to see them bloom.

Oooo. Don't I look better? I think this was taken in 2009, or maybe 2010, I can't remember.... Note I am wearing the same skirt! *Blush* Lol I have lots more skirts that I wear regularly, but that skirt likes to be photographed apparently!

I decorated the straw hat, made the skirt, and am carrying a Metamorphose parasol. You can't see it, but I swear I have socks on this time!

Wow! Look at that! I look like a fancy Lolita!!! Lol. This was taken...spring-ish of 2010 I think, hard to be sure, but it was a lot of fun. I am wearing a shirt I bought at Walmart, Shoes from Payless, socks from Metamorphose, a skirt from ITS, rings I made myself, and the parasol is Metamorphose was well.

Again, taken sometime in 2010 I think. I was with the steampunk group, of which I am the only Lolita member and they don't mind ^_^.  Wow my hair was short back then....Anyways. The skirt is ITS, the socks are Meta, the shirt is from Walmart, and the headbow is from Meta. You can't see my nails, but they are black and white with large bows on them. They were my first attempt at Deco nails and they worked!


This outfit was done late Fall/Winter when I wasn't expecting it to be as cold as it was. So while I made the cute ear muffs, the furry goggles that went so well with the outfit were my friend Elizabeth's and the cloak was my friend Joe's. They were awesome to help silly me with my non thinking ahead issues ^^;  It was a very Steampunk Lolita look, but it didn't actually hit the mark. I had fun with it though and would play and crossing the styles again given the chance.

January 2011 I think...maybe a hint later. We shot in a heated passage way, thus the no coat. I've had the dress for years and the headdress is Metamorpose, as are the socks.

Later that year I played with a more Aristocratic/Gothic style which I liked, but wouldn't wear all the time. Black boots I can't remember where I got, a long black skirt I've have forever, white shirt I got a Sears, black vest I got a Torrid, and a black and gold veil I got for Christmas from a very good friend. The whole look was put together quick, but I had such a blast that day!

This was taken in April at Constellation, a local Scifi con in Nebraska. I made the dress myself! I am still working on it, but I very much like how it turned out. What I like most about the look is my hair! It is held in place by nothing but rose tipped bobbie pins. It was so pretty.

Next is Loli day in June, It's the first time I'm wearing my new Metamorphose JSK and this was taken at the end of the day, so my hair was a disaster!

And the latest looks from November of this year! If you'll note, I am wearing the same JSK in the last picture as I am in the one for Loli day, only this time I'm not wearing an Undershirt. I find this dress looks better without one due to the fact that it's SO sweet and young looking in the print. I like to wear more mature jewelry with it and do my make up with darker colors to contrast it because while the dress is really cute and all, it's a bit to short and I don't look good in long bloomers.So I rock it like I meant it to be that short and go from there. It works out well.

 So! What do you think? Have I evolved well over time? ^_^

Last picture for fun! I am a Lifestyle Lolita and not all of my cords are perfectly frilly, I mean....who wants to be overly frilled when at the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I also happen to be a bit of a geek and a hard core fan girl, so not everything I wear has ribbons and lace all over it...

Taken at The Rocky Horror Picture Show in my favorite shirt EVER!!! It's Jayne from Firefly....and he's in Public Relations! I have a very light petticoat on under my skirts, thus the little to no poof.

 Thanks for joining me for my 100th blog post! I've had a GREAT time sharing my life and thoughts with all of you, and I hope to keep blogging long into the future ^_^


DuskRose_Dreaming said...

OMG lolita + TARDIS!
Loli nerds unite. ;D

This was a great idea to do for your 100th post--I may have to consider it when my 100th comes up. ^^ I really like those last two coordinates.
And now I think the Doctor really needs a loli companion. Or some sort of subculture, at least... XD

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

Ooops I didn't realize the Tardis pic was a separate coord from the next one--so make that last 3 coords (the one in the Tardis pic is so pretty!). ^^

Kristin said...

Congrats on the bloggy milestone and thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!


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