Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cute last second gifts for under $30!

Hello Lovelies~

 Is everyone excited for the holidays? I know I am ^_^ I love gift giving and the opening of brightly colors packages, it's a wonderful time of year! But with everything going on in our lives it's hard to get out to the shops and find those perfect gifts for friends and family.

I myself am on a budget this year so I thought I'd share some of the cute things I've found for under $30. Most of these gift ideas are from Etsy and I've found that Etsy sellers ship the next day and orders arrive within a week or so.

 Hello Kitty Macaroon Necklace = $12

I think this necklace is SO cute! I knew the moment I saw it I had to share it with all of you. I liked the macaroon craze when it was at the height of the must have list, but I never actually saw an accessory I wanted until now. It makes me want to get one for myself when the new years comes around ^_^

Kawaii Chocolate bar Mirror Necklace = $10

What a perfect way to look cute and keep your makeup looking just so at the same time. Available in both strawberry and chocolate, any Lolita would love receiving this on Christmas morning.

Tri-colored Bow and Pearl Necklace = $5

Both simple and cute, I find this would be a great gift for the Sweet Lolita in your life. A good stocking stuffer to be sure.

Pokadot 3-D Nail Art = $10

Is there a girl in your life that loves nail art? Just can't get enough of it? These are adorable and look well made. I have not ordered from this seller, but I plan to.

and my most expensive find........

 Pink and White Fox Tail = $25

I love fox tails. I am a big Renaissance fair fan and fox tails tend to be the thing. So when the fox tail trend hit the Japanese street trends, I knew I would love it, even if it was more in the Gyaru fashion than the Lolita one. This would add a hint of individuality to any outfit!

 Have fun this holiday season!


MaMMaMoon said...

lovely ideas! mm..choccie mirror...*__*<3 would leave me craving for choccie all the time XD

The fearsome kid pirate said...

I absolutely love the bow necklace and the polka dot nail art! I actually think I'll be ordering the necklace


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