Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Party Time! (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I went to a 'Disney Villains' party with a friend. We didn't stay long, but we had fun and I hope to attend more parties thrown by our hosts because the attention to detail was AMAZING! I swear, it was all the little things that really made this party memorable, not just the people, though they were a blast as well.

 Before I get into the costumes, check out this message on the fridge! This really set the tone of the party for me. I saw it and my first thought was, 'Oh how FUN!'.

 And now the costumes I got pictures of! Sadly, I didn't get pictures of everyone there and I wish I had. The costumes, while not SERIOUS costumes were fun, well thought out, and I don't think anyone spent a fortune trying to out do one another. Which was really nice.

 Cruella DeVille was the first costume I saw. I wish I had thought to get closer pictures of her jewelry. Her outfit was amazing.

Above is Scar, played by my friend Linda. The make up is light, but it was really cool to see in person.

One of the Hosts, he wasn't in costume, but look at that margarita glass!

And here we have Hades! ...ish. He was only half done and still putting his costume on. Paint takes awhile to dry after all.

And me! I went as the Queen of Hearts! (This picture was taken in McDonalds after the party)

 Before we left, there were more costumes that didn't get photographed. Another Queen of Hearts, she looked so cool in her fedora and black jacket!. Sid from Toy Story, complete with Buzz strapped to a rocket. And The Three Fates from Hercules!

 There were others that arrived after we'd left, such as The Hunter from Bambi and Captain Hook, or so I was told.

And now for all the other awesome things that made this party so much fun.

 Poison Apples! (Carmel Apples dipped in green colored White Chocolate)

 Note the silver box in the corner, I was so excited to see it, my first thought was, 'That's the box from Snow White!'. Turns out I was totally right!

Complete with heart shaped strawberries. They were very yummy. ^_^

Random decoration created for the Captain Hook attending later in the evening.

                                             Yummy melted chocolate for dipping!

                                                    And pound cake to dip in it.

                                          Dinner is served!  (No Dingle Hoppers needed.)

And there we go! It was a very very fun party full of laughter and new friends.

 Bonus Picture!!!

My Makeup for the night. It's hard to see, but I actually painted a heart on my lips. This picture is from my Instagram and you can follow me under 'Rosesandcream' or catch up with me on Facebook for all of my Instagram postings.

 Thanks for reading!

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