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Brand Spotlight ~ Alice and the Pirates

Hello Lovelies~

 As of yesterday, it is officially Spring!

I love this time of year. Watching the world come back to life after a long winter is always inspiring, even if I do hate the mud and what it does to my shoes, I love a good rain shower and the sound of it tap tap taping against a window as I read Poe and dream of freshly picked strawberries...

 Today I thought I'd share with you my favorite collection of the season. Having looked through all of the upcoming reserves and found most to be nice and pretty, but typical, I was sad to find no one really venturing forth and capturing my attention, until Alice and the Pirates came out with a print that swept me away and has me all a flutter for a new year of fashion.

I present to you 'Last Note ~ Faint Spring Song' from Alice and the Pirates.



                                                                  Sax Blue
                                                     (My favorite of the colors offered)

My favorite part of these colors is that even though they are 'Spring', they aren't the pastel explosion I'm used to seeing this time of year. That may be due to the recent up swing of the Classic influence that cools the color pallet, but I've always loves the Classic Sweet style, so I'm just fine with that. ^_^

 This print has a beautiful mix of floral bouquets, chains, perfume bottles, clocks, lace doilies, and pearls. All set on a pin prick polka dot back ground. It's kind of like the designers looked around and asked, 'How much can we put in here before it's "To Much"?'. But I think it came together nicely, so yay for them. 

The designers at AatP really did a good job with the Dresses, keeping them straight forward and elegant, allowing the wearer and the viewer to focus on the beauty of the print.

The Under bust dress (Above) and the Lace printed cut sew (Below), Make a lovely match. There is also a skirt with the collection, but I don't think it pairs well with this shirt.

I love this OP. From the tiny cap sleeves to the ribbon under the bust, this dress screams 'Regency Inspired' to me. It's a clean silhouette and reminds me of Victorian Maiden's designs from 2008.

 The only downside with the design is that even way back when, it wasn't designed with well endowed ladies in mind.

The skirt below is bet is lovely in person, or actually being worn, but this picture does it no justice. It's an odd shape, not quite a cupcake...not quite an A-line. The ribbon on top is cute, but the small scalloped lace along the bottom is...bland in my opinion.

 It's almost like this piece was an after thought. A...because it's required piece. It shows no love or imagination like the ones above.

 On to the Accessories! Starting with Hair Accessories.

  Seems that with the raise of Classic Lolita, no collection is complete with out a Half Bonnet. The bonnet below has detachable roses on the front that can either be used as an independent hair accessory or a broach.

Like two accessories for the price of one.

While I wouldn't wear the bow below as a side bow, I would wear it in the back with a half up half down look.

This is my FAVORITE part of the whole collection. I love it to pieces and really want to add it to my wardrobe.

I really love how it's on a head band rather than ribbons and a hair comb.

Easy simple bobby pin. ...Not much else to say. But it is cute.

Next, Jewelry!

 This is the second time Baby/Alice has done a pearl and lace woven necklace. I'll be honest, for the $50 they want for this necklace, I could make 10 of them just like it. But it's beautiful. And does complete the collection.

If I were to get a necklace, I'd go with the one below. I love perfume bottles. I have a mini collection of them and am always on the look out for pretty antique or antique looking bottles like this one.

If you look close, the ribbon design on the bottle is either an pastel colored enamel or....something else. But I want to say it's enamel. I really like that extra splash of color.

Last, but not least, the socks.

 For me, It's like to see the worn before I make my call. They are nice. But the print is very big and there are no chains or pearls, just the clock doilies and the flower bouquets. It may all tie in very nicely, but I'm reserving judgment.

Though if not worn with the rest of the print, but on their own to enhance another outfit, I say yes. I do like them.

 In fact, I'm almost sad these weren't made into tights.

So there you have it! Alice and the Pirates 'Last Note ~ Faint Spring Song' collection. My favorite print this season.

 What do you think? Are there any pieces you'd like to have in your wardrobe? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, or on facebook! (I'm more likely to comment back on facebook.)

 Thanks for reading!

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