Saturday, March 22, 2014

Getting Organized : Deco Storage

 Hello Lovelies~

     Now that it's spring, it's time for me to do some spring cleaning. I'm generally a 'Put it somewhere and that's where it goes, Don't move it.' Type. And that tends to lead to a very messy life, even if I know where everything is.

So today I have separated laundry and then decided to finally reorganize my Deco Box.

 Here it is before~

As you can see it is very full and below is what I needed to fit in there.

Usually, I keep all of my Nail Art supplies in the bottom section of my box, but why let all of this space go to waste?

I divided my acrylic pieces into separate bags and put them into the bottom section. There just wasn't room for them on the top.

Then I was able to put all of my new pieces and parts into their new compartments ^_^  I even have a free spot up at the top to keep specific parts together while I'm working on projects!

I have a lot more things to organize and clean, but one step at a time, or so they say. I think my next project will be my jewelry...

 Thanks for reading!!


1 comment:

JeneeNicole said...

I always love digging through all your little baubles and bling! You have a pile of awesome in that little plastic suitcase~


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