Monday, March 10, 2014

Design an Outfit ~ Inspired by Ruby Gloom!

Hello Lovelies~

 A few years ago, various Brands got together and each designed a 'Emily the Strange' dress and then styled it accordingly. Personally, I think they all looked the same, but Emily is very cute and simple, so there isn't much that can be designed without taking away her essence.

Emily was very cool with her matching set of cats, Mystery, Miles, Sabbath, and Neechee. Her long dark hair and brooding disposition. But I never really connected with her in more than a, 'I like Emily the Strange', kind of way. I never HAD to have her merchandise in my life, though I do have one of her DS games which is rather fun.

 The Gothic Cartoon icon I connected with, Other than Lydia from Beetlejuice, was Ruby Gloom! From her red hair to her adorable bubbly personality, I just loved her! And now that her show is back on Netflix, I am marathoning them and falling in love all over again!

 Go Canada for making this highly cute and extremely detailed show!

I looked around online to see if any Brands had done a Ruby Gloom Collaboration, like they did with Emily the Strange and Gloomy Bear, but I didn't find any. That's not to say I didn't find an official Brand coordinated outfit though.

From what I have found, the model is Nana Kitade. But I can't find what magazine it came from or when sadly.

** Thanks to a wonderful reader, Muiko, it has come to my attention that the above shot is actually a CD cover! With a bit of looking around, I found that Nana Kitade apparently did the CD under the name 'Ruby Gloom'.

 The title of the CD is called 'Siren', which is also the title track. It was made for the Japanese release of Ruby Gloom and used as the opening theme song.

There is also a corresponding music video on Youtube. The link is below. I'll admit, it has a cute look. But as a Ruby Gloom fan, you could tell this was a concept rather than a work of love.

 I mean....there was lightening and Misery didn't even get hit! o.o

Nana Kitade 'Siren' Music Video HERE!!  

Thanks Muiko!!! **

 So I thought it would be fun to design my own Ruby Gloom inspired outfit!

Originally, I wanted to use a black version of the 2006 Metamorphose Lucky Pack Dress I own, but I couldn't find any pictures of either version of the dress, so I changed my vision up a bit.

 Below is the ' Mon ange bien-aime ' OP from Alice and the Pirates. I chose this dress for a few different reasons. Mainly, I like the shape. All you'd need is a light A-line petticoat to help hold the given shape and that's it. It's a wonderful casual dress, while at the same time it looks very dressy and elegant.

The elegance of this dress really steals my breathe. I also like that the long sleeves are detachable, so it's multi-seasonal.

 Below is the same dress with the sleeves removed. They didn't show the black version without the sleeves.

It so cute and is perfect for Ruby. And I have been assured that the black version is fully black, with different black dyes rather than Black and Dark Green.

Next is the most important part of the outfit! The socks! Any A-line, puffy sleeved dress will do for Ruby Gloom, but to capture her whimsy, the socks are key.

 I found these socks on and they are the Over the Knee Rugby Socks. The red and gold is currently sold out, but they are perfect for Ruby. I chose these over other red/orange and yellow socks because of how vibrant they are.

These socks add a touch of 'Cartoon' to the outfit that adds charm to the final product.

For Shoes, I turned to Secret Shop. While not normally my Go To shop, they do have cute shoes perfect for multi outfit wear.

These have a slight heel for posture, but are relatively low to the ground in keeping with Ruby's flat Mary Janes.

 And there we have it! Her outfit is rather simple with little extra to wiggle about or change to drastically.

For a little cheeky fun for a Mega Ruby Fan, you can add a heart and cross bones shaped headdress with a skull wearing an interchangeable hat in the middle, with a few hearts hanging from the Heart and crossbones, to play on Ruby's crush on her friend Skull boy. And one bat and one ghost earring to represent Scaredy Bat and Booboo the ghost. You could even carry a purse that looked like an eyeball for Ruby's friend Iris!

The less obvious touches are what would make this outfit the most fun for me! But they aren't needed to have a Ruby Gloom Inspired Outfit!

 I hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading!!!       


Alexandriaweb said...

Cute :)

Miuko said...

The picture with Nana Kitade is from a CD, because she made a song named "Roomy Gloom". (Maybe it is a cover song, I'm not sure) Here is the song on Youtube:


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