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Manga I Love ~ V.B.Rose

Hello Lovelies~

  It's been awhile since I showed of my manga collection and this time, I thought I'd share with you one of the rarer sets I have.

While nothing is quite as "Rare" as it once was what with the ability to order anything online now, I never see this manga is shops anymore and that's very sad because this story is SO cute and the art is amazing.

  That manga is called 'V.B.Rose' and it's all about our heroine, Ageha, a brilliant high school aged accessory designer, who finds out her sister is getting married and takes it poorly. She gets upset about the wedding while with her sister at the bridal shop and after injuring one of the dress makers, Mitsuya, she is thrown out of the shop by the surly hero of the story, Yukari.

Ageha feels terrible about her behavior and insists upon helping at the shop until Yukari's hand is better and even though she has a few reservations about it, she gets onboard with her sister's wedding and makes it special in the way only Shoujo manga knows how to do.

 Thus begins the start of a wonderful series full of beautiful wedding dresses, Fanciful hair designs, cute outfits, and a love story that at times is both awkward and makes you breathless.

V.B.Rose, which is not only the name of the manga, but also the name of the Bridal Shop, stands for Velvet Blue Rose. The name is explained in the books in a flash back of Yukari and his father, which is a very touching scene. (As you'll find out when you go read it ^_~)

 Of course there are more characters than just Dressmaker Yukari, Patternmaker/Dressmaker Mitsuya, Accessory Diva Ageha.

There is a Bead Artist named Tsuyu, Who has a thing for girls with large chests, Kimonos, and Mitsuya.

 A Corsage Maker named Kana, Who has a surly personality, is described as a tiny fairy, and once dated Yukari.

A set of siblings with a 'more than friends' love of Ageha.

 And many others crazy characters that all come together to create a wonderful ensemble cast!

 To my knowledge, the series is complete with 14 volumes released in Japan and 13 released in America. Volume 14 was never in the US and it saddens me because until the day I have that volume in my hands, I'll never really know what happens with Ageha and Yukari! (To a certain point. I have a wonderful imagination after all.)

As you can see, my set is incomplete, but of all of my manga, this series is my favorite. Below, I've included so official art and a few pages from the manga.


                                                 Ageha and Yukari



                                                        Ageha is a wedding dress!

                                                      Ageha and Yukari

What I really love most about this series is that it shows the passaged of time and the characters change clothes often. So it's a nice way to get new cute ideas to inspire my own outfit choices ^_^

 I hope ya'll check out this Manga. It's really very beautiful in both story and art and it gets better every read through. If ya'll read this manga, or have read it and loved it as much as I did, let me know!

 Thanks for reading!

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