Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My August Glam Bag!

Hello Lovelies~

  Beauty bags are all the rage all over the world, but here in America.....they are a bit...young. These wonderful inexpensive treats are packed full of trial, deluxe trial, and sample sized beauty products. As far as I know, there are three official Beauty Bags being sold here in the US.

One is sold by Allure Magazine. I do not receive that monthly bag, but I want to. Birch Box is another option if you like more indie type brands. But I subscribe to Glam Bag.

 For ten dollars a month I receive a cute make up bag, a few fliers describing the products filling the bag, and the wonderful products.

Here is a picture of the full bag.

And in side I found ....

 'Ringmaster' by Andrea's Choice.

My Glam Lip gloss called 'Glam Girl'. This was an extra gift and while the shade isn't totally me, I love the gloss itself.

The shade is a bright sharp pink color and it smells like watermelons! I was so surprised with that. It doesn't taste like watermelons, but it's not Smuckers, so one can't expect to much. ^_~*

The bottle is beautiful!

 And don't you just love the color?

This is a mildly sticky gloss, but it lasts a long time and resists that icky clumpy feeling after hours of wear. So I guess you have to take the good with the bad sometimes.

I got a vial of roll on perfume in Dragon Fruit. It smells so good!

 And last but not least I received a custom blended eyeshadow color from S.A.L.T.Y cosmetics. It's called GLAM-a-zoid and at first I though it was a white or really light blue, but upon further inspection I found it was a light light pink that turns mildly violet when applied!

The lighting wasn't the best for this picture, but as you can see it's light violet and shimmery. I'll have more pictures of this color coming soon.

 Lastly I received an Anti ageing serum and a night restorative that goes with it. I will not be trying out these products, but my mother has offered to test them for me and she was excited to see them, so it all works out.

I am VERY pleased with this months bag and I am really looking forward to September's Glam Bag.

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Anonymous said...

Im definitely going to sign up for those bags!! Im poor so I hardly ever indulge in buying makeup- but $10 a month? To build up over time that would be amazing!


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