Monday, August 20, 2012

Product Review: Circus: Andrea's Choice (Part 2)

Hello Lovelies~

 I got my Glam Bag this month and I was so happy with it! I even got another bottle of Andrea's Choice nail polish. This one is called 'Ringmaster'.

This is a wonderful color. It's bright and cheerful and wearing it lifts my spirits. My favorite part about this polish is that it dries super fast! A manicure takes less than 10 mins. and it's done.

 Sadly, this polish is still not available for purchase yet, but it will be in September.

I did not use a top coat on this manicure, but I recommend it.

Shipping: ?-5 : N/A This product is not available yet, but when it is, I will tell you right away.

Price: ?-5 N/A I got this in a beauty bag, so I didn't pay the correct price for it.

Quality: 4-5 : This was less streaky than the white polish. It dries fast and it looks great with just one coat.

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