Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall!

Hello Lovelies~

 It's that time of year again. Time to bid a fond farewell to the balmy and often scorching months of summer and welcome Autumn with open arms. Time to stop going to pools and go apple picking instead. Time to bake pies and start making hot chocolate mix for those cold evenings of star gazing.

I am so excited for fall! It's my favorite season. I love watching the leaves turn different colors. I love warm apple cider that seems to magically appear on menus everywhere by the second week of September. And most of all, I love the Fashion that fall brings!

 In fall we get to break out our cute capes for a bit of extra warmth, cute scarves and mittens begin to appear on shelves and who doesn't love a good knee high boot?  This is the season where the layered look is in, plaid or tartan prints dominate, and adding a bit of fur trim to a coat or purse is just what the doctor ordered!

Classic Lolitas should rejoice because Autumn is the season when designers turn towards more refined colors such as Dusty Rose or Sage Green. Creams, Chocolate and Blues the color of the sky just before a gentle rain shower can also be seen making their presence known and occasionally, one will see a shy muted lavender color creep it's way into a collection.
 September is a time for change. Just like the leaves on the trees, we two should start to evolve and change. This is the season to try a new style like Classic or even Gothic!

I think I may try a Gothic look this year. I saw a girl at work the other day in a beautiful floor length black lace bustle dress with a veil and roses in her hair and everything. She made me want to wear something like that, so even if it's just for one or two outfits, I'm going to try it out ^_^

  Can't you just see it? An elegant black dress, long black veil, one pure white rose cupped in smooth red dipped nails, surrounded by white snow....

 What will you try? Have you always wanted to give Decora a try? Or what about Pirate? Fall is a great time for Pirate Lolita's to unite!

But hold on!

 If you want to try a new style, it doesn't have to be regulated to Lolita. How about giving Mori Girl a try?

'Mori' means Forest in Japanese, so to be a Mori girl would mean being a girl of the forest. layers are key for this look, as well as muted colors and different textures.

 Here are some pictures to show you what I'm talking about....

How romantic is this style? If I liked being outside for long stretches of time, I would so be into aspects of this fashion. But as it is, I just love to look at it.

 What are you looking forward to this year? Is it apple picking with friends? Pumpkin picking with family? Making a pair of DIY bunny slippers to roam around the house in?

Well, whatever it is, Happy Fall!



Pandy Pants said...

This year, I'm wanting to try out otome kei fashion, as a substitution for Lolita because I'm not quite brave enough to wear it. I figure to build up to that :3

AngelShinigami said...

Good luck! Have fun! Otome is a wonderful style and is a great way to introduce family and friends into an alternitive fashion.


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