Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Metamorphose Spotlight!

Hello Lovelies~

 I just got an update from my favorite brand and wow! It's an interesting update. Updated for Halloween, but not actually a costume....Presenting.....The Airline Stewardess Lolita!

And can I just say....Yay for the old school giant platform heals. Ok, back to the clothes.

 I'm not sure if this is a Novelty release, but I like it. It would be a fun new small trend.

Same style, different colors... If you'll notice, this dress is worn without an undershirt. It is rare to see a JSK designed like this. Even most summer dresses are paired with short sleeved blouses. This skirt is also shorter than what is considered acceptable. It's not Ero-Lolita short by any means, but I wouldn't recommend it for taller girls.

This dress looks a little costume-esque, but that may just be the way it's styled. The tall boots and the longer dress are a bit much for this short model. While I enjoy the clean A-Line of the first dress, I like the traditional Lolita shape and length of this one. I also like what Meta has done with the lapels on this dress. The lower, curved shape of them will be good for girls with a slightly larger chest. The design will both accent and downplay the area, hard to do, but very smart of Metamorphose to think about more than just the Japanese body type.

But the cutest part so far has to be the little hat! I am so in love with this little hat, I can't even tell you, but What I can say is that it's the next thing I'm getting when I get paid! What will I wear it with you ask?.........Everything o.o

What do you think? Cute new style or fashion flop? I myself would love one of the cute little hats ^_^

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