Monday, November 7, 2011

My Weekend at Anime Nebraskon!!!! (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 This weekend was Anime Nebraskon. A convention I've been attending for...^_~* Not telling, but! This year was blast!!!! It was so good I had to tell someone that wasn't at the con, or even in the state! So this is me thanking the sweetest person in the world for letting me text and geek out! You know who you are, You're an Angel! ^_^

But lets break it down!


It's the ME!!!!! oh....and the Tardis, but who cares about that.....>.>......ok, forget it! This was AWESOME! Not the first time I've seen the Tardis at a Con. This was built by one of our droid builders who wanted a break from building his 3rd R2D2. I normally don't take lot's of pictures, but I feel so great this year and with 45lbs. lost over the course of the year. I am so pleased! And look at those shoes!!!

 This outfit is a dress I've had in my wardrobe for years, knee high black socks with lack I added myself, Black and White saddle shoes I bought two years ago from Payless, and a Metamorphose headdress!

See how easy it is to create a Lolita outfit with stuff you already have in your closet? If you can see the black ribbon around my throat, that really is just a plain black ribbon, it's the simple details that can make or break an outfit.

Friday was all about seeing and being seen. I reconnected with friends I only see once a year, I had one panel at 9pm and that panel happened to be Lolita 101.

 It went ok, but I feel like I tried to put to much into the panel, due to being the only Lolita panel that dealt with helping others in a fashion that can get a bit over whelming.

Oh well, I met great new friends and one girl who I will talk about later. But she is adorable and I hope we stay connected.

I went to a Zelda panel at 10 and did hung out in the lounge for a few hours. There I played with playdoh (kind you not! It was so fun ^_^ ), I ate candy and laughed at a friend's boyfriend when he decided to down a full box of sour nerds! I got a picture....

Look at that face!!! Isn't it great? lol

I also did a bit of ballroom dancing for the formal ball, though didn't get any pictures of it. it was so much fun and really a small dream come true. I've always wanted to learn how and I had a room full of guys to dance with that all wanted to learn to dance as well!!!!! It was wicked !!!!! I got to dance with pretty girls as well, but only two. One asked if my hair was was so funny! She couldn't stop touching my hair while we danced.

I had an Occult in Anime panel at midnight and it was so fun. After that, I stayed up until 5:30 am baking, which didn't go well seeing as I hadn't slept the previous night because of nerves.

 Woke back up at 9am to get to ready, but I didn't actually get up until 9:30 and by then, the other 5 people in the house were up and about as well, so getting time in the 1 bathroom was a trick. I didn't get to finish my makeup until after everyone had left. So I didn't actually get to the con until a bit after 10am.

Watch the amazing transformation.......Before make up......

A little fuzzy, but I look gentle and sweet right? Now....After make up.....

It's amazing what a little eyeliner and lipstick can do, along with a cute necklace.

Saturday started out rushed, but calmed down for a few hours while I drew and did tarot readings at my artist alley table.

 At 1 I entertained friends and strangers alike at the Lolita Tea Party. Look at the awesome cakes I got for the party!

So good! it's like the strawberry cakes you see in Anime all the time! It's my favorite cake ^_^

 I didn't get to take pictures at the party, due to chatting with the guests and serving the cake to everyone. I had wonderful help and two amazing guys that actually brought everyone in. I call them.....The Lolita Secret Service!

My boys were awesome and they didn't even plan to dress like that....hadn't even met before my party. I hope they can come again next year.

This is me and the 'Old Spice Guy' Cosplayer that attended my tea, and yes....his abs actually are that defined. ^_^

 Outfit breakdown! Today was an almost all Brand day. Metamorphose Candy House JKS, Metamorphose Candy House Headbow, Metamorphose double ruffle socks, and black Mary Janes from Clarks. They are very comfortable shoes.

I don't like wearing an undershirt with this dress. But it's a rule I'm ok with bending/breaking. Not all the time mind you, but sometimes is ok.

After that I met with the girl from the Lolita panel. Remember how I said I would talk about her later? Well, later is now and that day happened to be her birthday! I had brought an outfit of mine for her to wear, but she loved it so much, I let her buy it from me~!

She is ~such~ a cutie!!!!

 I never was able to wear that skirt and I've had it for years, just sitting in my closet, waiting for the right owner. And she was very much the right owner. She brings the outfit to life and I hope it brings her happiness and joy every time she puts it on.

After that I had a panel called Tales of Fanfiction Horror. It's a panel that tend to get a great reaction, it was even taped! It gets taped every year and the girl that does it is amazing. So sweet and I always want to hug her. She makes me feel so special! It should be up on youtube at some point ^_^

I hung out with people from my panel for an hour after that, then went to a panel entitled, 'Anime Nebraskon Saved my Life', where an attendee told his story of how the con literally saved his life, how he was getting better day by day, and how he was happy to be alive. A few of the Nebraskon staff and I were thanked for various reasons and it was an honor to be there at that panel. The attendee that hosted it is a great guy and I'm glad to have helped him.
 Then came the best panel of the entire con....better than my panels even....this was an epic panel full of win! It was called.......'Dylan Eats a Steak'.
I kid you not. Here is the story behind this panel.
 Dylan is the Vice con chair and he is the hardest working man at Anime Nebraskon. He hardly ever stops moving, is always on the go, and the only time he really gets to rest is during the Cosplay Contest, when there are very few if any other panels running and everyone is in one central location being looked after by everyone else. 
So last year, during this small block of time, he got to sit down and eat, which is rare for him, so he ordered room service. When they arrive, the waiter walks past most of the hard working hungry staff that is still working and not on break and sets down a covered platter. When he lifts away the silver cover, a very large steak is unveiled and Dylan proceeded to eat it, as was his right. Slowly. He didn't share.
The staff the decided that if Dylan wanted to eat steak, they would let him eat steak. So they ban together and created a panel in which they would invite as many people as they could find to come and watch Dylan eat his steak and ridicule him the entire time.
 It was meant as revenge, but the panel went over so well, that next year they are thinking of hosting it again, in the middle of the Cosplay Contest, on stage, and auctioning off the honor of feeding Dylan his first bite for charity.
It was the best panel ever. It was taped. It's on youtube and facebook. There is a guy singing to Dylan while he eats, it's amazing. Dylan later told me it was the most awkward dinner he'd ever had, but the steak was delicious.
 Here is Dylan....eating a steak....

I attended the end of the Cosplay Contest and the Cosplay Swimsuit Contest, of which my friends' boyfriend got Best Stage Presence!!! It was awesome!

 Dinner was contemplated and finally gotten when we went to McDonalds and got McRibs. They are my addiction. They are so bad for me, but still so good!

We made it back just in time to go to the Midnight Tarot panel I help my mom run every year and I'll admit, I usually help do reading and stuff, but I was truly falling asleep....people are lucky I wasn't snoring. Not that I do that....that I know of....>.>...We didn't make it back home until 3.

Back up at 8:30am to make it to the con in time for the dealers room to open and sold a few prints and finished a few pieces of art while waiting for my Para Para Paradise panel to start, which is a form of line dancing over in Japan, only instead of with your feet, it is with your arms.

 20min. before my panel, I look for the CD with the music on it, only to realize I'd left it at home!!! Rush back to the house, then back to the con, laws being carefully acknowledged, then broken, then acknowledged again as is the way! And......I made it in time!!! Only to find out the CD doesn't work. .... yeah....

But thank goodness youtube was working!

 I danced, forgot the dance I'd learned in three days, watched the video, taught the dance some more, had friends messing with me the whole time, laughter was had all around. The song was learned though! If albeit shakily.

After the panel my friends and I danced together for another two hours! we had so much fun dancing to routines we hadn't dance to in years. Everything we finished one, we would think of another and go 'Oh yeah!!! That one!!!!' It was wild. It was a Para Party!!!

 It took another hour for all of us to decide where we wanted to go to eat and Olive Garden was the choice! It was a good choice to!

This was me after the con. Look how tired I look! Not the best picture, but it's the truth of the matter. I was exhausted!

 I had the all you can eat soup and it was so good! Look, I took a picture of it, because it was first thing I'd had time to eat all day.

Though, the reason I'm telling you we went to dinner is not to show off the wonderful soup I had, though it was worth mentioning. No, it seems, our Con experience did not end when the con ended.

In fact. When our waiter found out we had attended Nebraskon, he immediately showed up the $800 batman costume he didn't get to wear because he had to work! He then showed up the 7 member batman cosplay group he'd assembled for Halloween and we exchanged information so we could all get together and hang out. We even talked about going to other cons together and sharing hotel costs!

 Anime and gaming can bring so many people together that would have never otherwise met! it's amazing.

So yes! If you read this far, you have now heard the story of my crazy crazy weekend. I didn't even tell you about the child that got taken, the police that got called, the pool that got closed, or the guy with no pants!

 Now! On to other pictures I took over the weekend!

I can't remember what was so funny, but I remember I couldn't stop laughing for like...10 mins.

My friend Francis and I at Opening Ceremonies.

Again, Opening Ceremonies.

Francis if front of the Tardis.

Francis. Sideways Top hat. I love his expression!

Wouldn't I make I killer Cop?... Ok, maybe not, but I look good in that Hat!

Me and my friend Cody! I stole his hat. I think this picture ok SO cute!

I loved this puppet. It was made so well.

My friend Liz and I at the Lolita Tea Party. She was Cosplaying someone from Tron. That's all I know.

These girls attended the Duct Tape Panel and it went very well by the looks of it ^_^

Half of the attendees at my fanfiction panel!

 My friend Joe! The most awesome Steampunker I know!

Best Hetalia cosplayers ever! Get it? They are America and Italy!

Shelly! great friends with her after the con, before the con we had seen one another but never actually hung out.

And lastly, another picture from dinner.

 Thanks for reading!



クリス said...

So many pictures! First off, I am envious that you attended a convention recently. I won't be able to attend one in another two months! SIIIGH. It sounds like you had an AMAZING time there! And selling your unused skirt to that lolita birthday girl was such a cute read.

iopiop123 said...

hey I was there! I was the guy pulling the chair duct taped to the wagon that had the beiber look alike in it. :P


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