Saturday, July 23, 2011

Buns and Braids

Hello Lovelies~

 This weekend is OSFest, a Local Scifi convention here in Omaha. I have one panel today, about Fanzines and how the are still relevant, and two panels tomorrow. One about bad fanfiction and one about the myths behind the classic Superhero.

I felt like being a little fancy today, seeing as it's Saturday and I have don't have work at all, so I decided to wear my Hansel and Gretel JSK! I love this dress so so so much ^_^ But what the best part of the outfit today is my hair!

 I spent an hour or so styling it just right so here are some pictures I took.

Here you can see the whole look. My bangs are curled, The top half of my hair is pigtailed, then done in small puffy buns, and the bottom of my hair is pigtailed and braided.

Just the small puffy buns with my hair bows that match my dress!!! I am so excited to finally find a hair style to wear these with.

And a better picture of my bangs. and makeup. I have a light mint green on my eyes and purple eyeliner with a soft pink lipstick that I might change out for a brighter, more playful, bubblegum or cotton candy pink.

 If you noticed, I'm not wearing an undershirt with my JSK, which is almost taboo here in America for Lolita. But's hot! Too hot for lots of layers. So just the dress today. I hope it goes over well.

Have a great weekend and let me know what you think of the Hairstyle.


1 comment:

Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful said...

I have given up with the rules and taboos of the lolita community. It's a dress. I'll wear it the way I want!

Frankly, you look adorable! The hairstyle works well too. Looking good!


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