Friday, July 1, 2011

Bare Escentuals Make Up Review!

Hello Lovelies~

 Last week I got paid and while I should've paid a bill or part of one, it really wasn't enough to do so, so instead I put gas in my car and went shopping with what I had left.

I hit the bath and Body Works Sale, which I will do a separate post on, the Younkers Make Up Counter, where I fell in love with a rose pink lip stick and was informed that the Estee Lauder counter was having a 'Summer Trend Event' on the 16th of July, which I promptly signed up for and put the lip stick back to pick it up when next I came in. I also went to the Bare Escentuals store!

 I absolutely love their make up. My whole family uses their make up and while I'm not as .... loyal to the brand as the rest of my family is, I do like their colors and find it stays on longer than most other foundations tend to.

Be that as it may, what I didn't know was All through the month of June, they were having their 'We are 35 years old, so we are selling a box of make up for $35' sale. It was wild. I didn't even let the sales rep get though her pitch before I told her to ring me up!

 I am a sucker for Limited Addition colors and when I was told that there would be a special key chain included, I was sold.

 A picture of the bag, not needed, but it's such a pretty pink color, I thought I'd show it off.

The collection was called 'Love and Happiness' and as such, all of the colors are rather light and good for day time spring looks.

This is the whole collection. Blush, Eye shadow, Eye Primer, Eye Liner, and Lip Gloss/Balm.

This is hard to tell, but the color is actually a Hunter Green. It looks great on the eye and applies super smooth. I am really looking forward to getting more eye liners from this brand.

This is the blush. It's a really bright orange cherry look and gives the cheeks a fresh burst of color.

Above is a swatch of the color. It blends so well with my skin tone it was hard to get a picture, but when I tried it on the inside of my forearm is blended well there as well. So no matter how you wear this color, it won't be to over whelming. I liked that.

Here is the Eye Shadow. It's a really pretty light gold Ecru color.

This one showed up better, but I had to dab it on thick to get the picture. This is a great accent color, but you'd want to use darker colors with it. This does not lend itself to a neutral palette. It's to pale and bright at the same time. It would go well with rose pinks and violets though.

The one picture that turned out well was the Lip Gloss/Balm swatch. This is a beautiful full red color. Not quite a black berry, not quite a cherry, it smooths on the lips nicely and stays put. It's so light that hours later I had forgotten I'd even put anything on! It's a great color.

And here is a picture of me wearing everything together.

Like I said. These colors are made for a Day Time look and could supplement a night look, but would never be the focal color.

 My eyes are actually lined with a white eye liner rather than the green liner. I felt it went with the palette better.

And for those of you who noticed, my hair is no longer pink. Sadly, my work did not like my radical decision and I was told to change it back or else. So when I dyed it back, it turned red ^_^ I was so happy with the result. You can even see dark mauve high lights when in the sun.

 What do you think? How do you like the colors?



amanda riley said...

That's right you didn't let me finish my sales pitch! I swear the make up sells itself. :D

So glad to see you loved the Love + Happiness kit. It looks great on you and I love how you changed it up with the white liner. I am crazy about the Oz green liner in the kit. Can't go wrong with green when you're a redhead like me.

Stop in soon. Can't wait to read your review of the Estee Lauder Summer Trend Event.

amanda riley said...

By the way, we tried calling you and must have the wrong phone number. You won a GIRLFRIEND PARTY for yourself +3 friends. Call us or come into the store to schedule the consultation.


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