Monday, July 18, 2011

Younkers Make up Trend Event Results!

Hello Lovelies~

 On Saturday I attended a Summer Makeup event hosted by Estee Lauder, held at Younkers. I had a lot of fun and learned that I am a level 1 on the skin darkness chart. Level 1 being the palest color their is.....Go Figure ^_^;

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, as I left my phone at home by mistake, so I don't have pictures of my pretty outfit or of the freshly done make up, but I do have pictures of the results after 5 hours of work and a temp of 89 degrees.

 So what's the trend of the summer? Purples.

Light violets, plums, orcid, and bright bright pinks. The colors are beautiful and I want everyone to go out and check them out for yourselves. They are so so pretty!

Here you can see the foundation they used has really smoothed out and taken away the redness that usually takes over my cheeks. My make up specalist used the 'Double Wear Light Weight' Foundation and Concealer, then set it all with the 'Double Wear Light Weight Powder' in the color Linen.

 I found the results spectactular and it really was light weaight and easy to wear. it even stayed put through repeated blotting and an entire day of work. I'd love to have each of these products in my collection.

On my lips my artist put a 'Wild Plum' Gloss stick, which was only slightly darker than in the picture when it was first applied. it was smooth and it didn't get gummy after hours of wear. So I say this is worth the investment and really want it in my collection as well.

We went light and romantic wuth my eyes. We used a Cream Shadow base called 'Golden Sand', then lightly layered 'Iridescent Violet' on the lid and 'Pink Flash' for alittle soft glitter and highlights. To complete the look we used a Violet eye liner which I really liked.

Here is a picture of the look with my eyes cloed.


What I don't have a good picture of, but you can see in the picture above is the blush that was used. I'm not normally a blush wearer. I have enough pinkness in my cheeks, but when this lovely pink/purple blush was pulled out and lightly ghosted over my cheeks, I fell in love. I felt like a fairy tale was so different. I plan to get this color as soon as I have some extra money.

  So! As a 'Thank You' for attending the event, the money that I payed to reserve my make over time was gifted back to me. So I got $25 to buy anything I what did I get???

Why the Violet Eyeliner of course ^_^

What's this....Has anyone else noticed I no longer have pink hair? Lol! My work said 'NO' very loudly and So I had to dye it back. Though it turned red when I tried to cover it and it's now a light light light red brown color. I really like how it turned out, even if I didn't get to keep my pink hair.

 I'll be Reveiwing the Eyeliner tomorrow, so Stay Tuned!

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