Sunday, July 10, 2011

Style Focus : Classic Lolita

Hello Lovelies~

 It's time again for another Focus and do you know what the whole community is turning it's eyes to?


                                                                  Classic Lolita!

I love Classic Lolita. This is the style that most styles want to grow up to be. it's elegant and graceful and so so beautiful. Muted and Neutral colors play together well and tend to create magic.

 The two main Classic brands are Innocent World and Victorian Maiden. I've found IW is a more accessible brand, but die hard Classic girls tend to gravitate to VM due to their un sweet eye.

While Innocent World flirts and dances along the line of Classic and Classic Sweet. Which I feel are two different styles. Victorian Maiden, on the other hand, rarely strays into the Sweet category and stays true to the subdued elegance that this style calls for.

 So let's break this style down, what elements can you use to create a wonderful Classic look?

                                                                      Jumper Skirt
When looking for a good Classic JSK or OP, stay away from boarder prints. Instead, look for floral all over prints with small ruffles or lace around the bottom.

                                                                           One Piece

When looking for a full dress, it's all in the sleeves. Small puffy cap sleeves are very indicative of the Classic Lolita Look. Dresses with the typical short sleeve, even a cinched puff sleeve, tend to be found on Sweeter dresses and take away from the grown up appeal Classic Lolita's strive for.


The Classic silhouette is more of an smooth A-line then a rounded cupcake. The skirt shown above is the best representation of this statement.

 Sure, it's a more playful style from IW that does flirt on the sweet side, but could look super classic with a turtle neck, a set of pearls, and a pair of shiny loafers....of course that doesn't sound Classic, but add a frill here or there and it would be an easy look to wear to an office or to class, or even on a date. Casual and elegant.

And speaking of pearls....

They are a defining presence in a Classic outfit. How much more classic could you get than a classy strand of pearls?

 Other accessories include....




                                                                    And a good Purse.

When planing a Classic Lolita outfit I turn to the three ladies with the most elegance and poise I can think of for inspiration.

                                                                   Elizabeth Taylor

                                                                        Audrey Hepburn

                                                        And Jackie Kennedy-Onassis

These women embody beauty and poise and were each style icons in their own right. Every time they went out they made a statement. Whether it was Jackie wearing those huge sunglasses or Elizabeth Taylor in all of her jewelry. There was never a time when people didn't stop and say, 'wow'.

  That's it for this addition of Style Focus. I normally don't toss in my own influences at the end of this segment, but I thought I'd go for something new, what do you think?


MissVermilion said...

Classic is not my style but is such a lovely and elegant one,I love floral prints.That's a great post! <3

AngelShinigami said...

Thank you so much! I don't like to think I'm a Classic Lolita, but sometimes my outfits turn out like that, so I'm glad it's in vouge again ^_^

amanda riley said...

You might like this blog shop site. She sells Japanese cosmetics for a damn good price. :D The highlighters look so pretty.

amanda riley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amanda riley said...

^^ Oops. Forgot to give you the link in the last commetn.

MarieElendir said...

Omg! This post is really helpful! Thank you so much! ^^ I really love classic style, I wish to try to wear like this someday!<3!


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