Sunday, June 12, 2011

From pastel to......Electric!

 Hello Lovelies~

 For a long time now I have looked in the mirror and said.....where did 'I' go? The me that used to dye her hair wild colors and didn't care what people thought about her outrageous-ness? 

Then Victoria Susan of 'Lolita Charm' posted This blog artical and I agreed with it. Sometimes we make scarifices and it's ok, but when you look in the mirror and don't know youself anymore, it's time for a change. So I did!

I bought a box of pink hair dye and thought about the conciquices for half a moment before sectioning out my bangs and going for it!

And set about turning my hair from a uiformed color of nice but average hair color of brunette (A mix of light and dark shades of brown) To a soft pastel pink....or so I thought.

30 mins. later I went back into the bathroom to wash out the dye and was shocked to she how....PINK my hair had turned. Caps Lock is the only way to discribe it!


 Honestly......I like it. Light pink wouldn't have been very me anyways. The electric look suits my personality better.

If you could jump up and make any change in a hour, would you? What would it be?


AutobotDen said...

The color makes me think 'Electric Strawberry'... Sweet, but funky in a good way....

as for my change, it'd be getting rid of the excess poundage I'm carrying... though more for health reasons than vanity...

Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful said...

I like the colour on you! But I'm really taken with two toned hair right now.

If I could jump up and change, it'd be actually getting the blonde into my hair. I have black hair and I want to two tone it with blonde. *_*!


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