Sunday, July 22, 2012

Product Review: Circus: by Andrea's Choice

Hello Lovelies~ 

 I recently signed up for a monthly mystery beauty bag and what I haven't been thrilled with the items this far, there was one that stood out this month. 

I receive a nail polish by Andera's Choice called 'Reverso', from the Circus collection. 

     I had to review this polish because it's hard to find a good white polish, but this particular polish is 100% vegan and cruelty free! It's really hard to find products like that that are comparable to commercial products we know to be tried and true.

And get a load of the packaging!!!

How cool is that? The colors are great and you just pop the top and inside is the polish. You could keep the polish in the tube, or you could find another use for it. I turned mine into a holder for my eyeshadow brushes.

  The color I received is 'Reverso'. 

 I was both pleased and disappointed in the color. It has its it's pros and cons. Do you remember when you were first starting to paint you nails when you were...say....5 or 6 and thought painting White Out on your nails made you all grown up?...>.>.....I can't have been the only one to do that.....o.o....Anyways. This reminds me of that. It smells like White Out and is just as thick, the first coat is a bit streaky and the polish gets tacky, but it dries VERY fast. By the time i was done with my second hand, my first hand was done and ready for a second coat.   

The second coat smoothed everything out, as second coats tend to do, and I was pleased with the final product.

Below is a picture of my nails after the first coat. 

  Now, I'm not one for pure white nails, it's just not my color, But! Another great point for this color is that it's a great base color for sheer colors!

Above is a picture of my nails with a light coat of O.P.I's 'Princesses Rule' painted on top of the 'Reverso'.

 I really liked how that turned out, but I didn't stop there.  I am working on a new nail technique that lightly outlines the nail in another color. I haven't got it down yet, but here is my second attempt.

Over all I think this manicure took....22 mins. I did my nails and only waited 5 mins for the extra polishes to dry, then went right to bed and nothing smudged or smeared at all.

 OK! So, Here is the break down.... Out of 5.

Shipping: ?-5 N/A I received this polish from a mystery bag, so I didn't actually have to pay shipping.

Price: ?-5 N/A. This collection won't be available until Fall 2012, but the moment i find out the price, I'll let you know.

Quality: 4-5 For a vegan product, I really liked it. It had a good consistency and dried fast. I was very impressed with this polish and will be getting the other colors when I can.

RESULTS: This is a yes and a must for girls who like sheer colors can can't find a good base color. <--- go check out the home page for this wonderful polish and stalk it until you can get a bottle for yourself ^_^

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