Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Playing with Makeup and Wishing for Autumn Weather.

Hello Lovelies~

 Last night while playing with my make up, I found a color combination that's just ~perfect~ for fall!  (As always, please forgive the lighting in my room. I'm working on fixing it ^^; )

 This look is called 'Dreaming of Sunsets'

What I Used! : All Over - Light Gold
                       Eyelid - Light pink
                       Crease - Tangerine
                       Eyeliner - Gold
                       Second Liner - Red
                       Lips - Molten Honey / Light Bronze

Here is the look from a bit further away. I really light how this turned out. It makes me long for the trees to change colors and hot apple cider. I love sunsets in early October, thus the name ^_^            

The orange shirt wasn't planned when I did this look. It's actually may favorite shirt for doing most anything when I'm not in my frills. I've had it for just about ever and it's been though yard work, painting houses, painting scenery sets when I took drama classes, and now it goes through make up sessions with me when I decide to get chocolate brown eyeshadow all over my fingers and somehow run out of makeup remover.  ~"^o^"~

 Does anyone else have a favorite Non Lolita item in their wardrobe? One that is always there for you when you feel down and make you feel better when you put it on? For me it's a baggy plain orange t-shirt. What's yours?


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