Sunday, July 15, 2012

Violet LeBeaux's Etsy Shop Review!

 Hello Lovelies~

        Last week my good friend and well known Australian blogger, Violet LeBeaux, opened her first Etsy store and while I my budget glared at me, I still clicked the yellow 'pay now' button and bought a pretty bracelet in support!

 I bought the Pink Pearl bracelet with Acrylic Burgamot charm.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I should've known Violet wouldn't do anything by half measures! Not only did I get the bracelet, but I received one of her super cute business cards, a thank you note, a small flier that told about Violet's blog, and a hand written note which made it all the more special.

 So here is a picture of my purchase after a removed it from the shipping package.

Here is the personal note she included.

And finally the Bracelet!!!

I wish the bracelet was a few beads larger, but the quality is great. The charm is laser cut and feels scratch resistant which is good because I travel a lot and my jewelery goes were I go.

So, over all .... Out of 5

 Shipping: 5-5    It came really fast! I was so surprised. I ordered it one week and a week and a half later it arrived. I was really pleased.

Quality: 5-5  I really like the bracelet is just as advertised. There are no flaws and it's a absolutely beautiful.

 Price: 5-5 It was less than I expected! $14.75, from Australia to the US, shipping included. it was a good price.

This bracelet is a great addition to any jewelery box. It makes me feel like a princess when I wear it ^_^

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Violet LeBeaux said...

Oh my gosh thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm so glad it arrived safely too! You have always been so sweet supporting me all of these years so I just had to include some little extras for you as a thank you for being my first customer! And you were totally right, the charms have a special scratch coating so it should be good even if it's knocked around :D Thank you again <3


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