Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Friday Recipies! Chickeny Goodness

Hello Lovelies~

  I had so much fun with my last recipe tutorial, I decided to do another!! ^_^ This week I want to share a delicious recipe that's quick and easy to make for less than $20. This recipe will feed at least 4 people. You can cut it down or add to it, to meet your needs.

Here is what you'll need!

 - Chicken Breast (Flash frozen or fresh, either or works) *about $8 a package or less depending on how much you buy.
 - Butter
 - Olive oil or Vegetable oil  *Most people have this in their pantry so I am not including this in the price of the dish.
 - Salt and Pepper
 - Alfredo Sauce *$2.95 depending on the brand
 - Petite cute tomatoes *$.99
 - mushrooms *$.99
 - black olives *2
 - your favorite pasta *$2

(( The photos you are seeing were taken when I made this for a party of 7, so the portions will be out of sync with the directions.))

First step, pour a small drizzle of olive/vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan and place two pieces of chicken in the pan, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then place a small pad of butter on top of each chicken breast. Turn the heat to medium or medium low and cover the pan.

 Next, choose your favorite pasta. I prefer a Penne or Cellentani, but Spaghetti or Linguine would be ok as well.

When the chicken is done, add salt to boiling water and set your pasta to cook while you cut up the chicken into bite sized pieces.

Next add as much of the olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes as you like. Make sure you add a small amount of tomato juice to give the Alfredo sauce depth.

Then add the Alfredo to the cut up chicken .

Heat through completely, don't rush this step!

 While the sauce is finishing the last step of cooking, drain you pasta and put it in a large bowl. Then, when the chicken mixture is done, add it to the pasta and mix, then enjoy!

All together I think this recipe taken....40min. to finish.

 I hope you like it!

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