Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Flowers Are Coming Up Roses! (My Epic Weekend)

Hello Lovelies~

 The last few days have rocked! On Thursday I went to an all day Marvel Movie Marathon! All five movies, then 'The Avengers' at midnight. It was great! Like a small convention including Costumes, breaks during the movies that allowed us all to mingle and get to know one another better, and prizes at the end of trivia games ^_^

It was great!!!

  I have a few pictures, but nothing grand. I was to excited to hang out and play with everyone.

My outfit was inspired by Iron Man. I wore red, and did my make up in gold. I had no Lolita outfits in red, as I don't wear it all that often, so this was the best I could pull off at 7-ish in the morning.

 To go along with the Iron Man theme, I got the collectible Iron Man Glasses ^_^

For attending the marathon, everyone received hard badges that allowed us to come and go all day. I am going to frame mine and put it next to my Beauty and the Beast Lithograph.

Me and my very good friend who does not like to be known on the Internet, so we will just call her Genya. She also doesn't like having her picture taken, but she is so photogenic!

Who doesn't like Bruce Banner?

But he made a better Hulk! ROARRRRRRR!!!!!

 Lol So yes! I had a great time! Saw old friends, made new ones, what's not to like? I then got home and got....maybe three hours of sleep before I had to get up and go to work today.

When I got home I found wonderful surprises on my patio!!!!

Three packages! All in one day, I was so thrilled I immediately took them in and opened them.

First up we have 'Vomitrocity' on LJ.

  The box was decorated with hearts and stars. It was a very cute touch!

Inside I found a pink bag with Hello Kitty in a slightly darker pink on it, and I love  HK, so it was a fun surprise I wasn't expecting.

Inside the folded bag was a note on Angelic Pretty Stationary!!!! I squee'd. I kid you not.

And a free gift! WOW! Not a lot of Lolita sellers are doing this much any more, but I find that it's a very nice way to say, 'Thank you for buying from me."

And after all that, Here is the headdress I got!!!!

 It's a light pink Angelic Pretty fur earmuff headdress with pearls sewn onto the body of the headdress and light pink velveteen ribbons and bows on either side.

And a picture of it worn!

 This will be for a winter look, but for only $25, it's a great buy!

Next we have the package I ordered from 'Lovely_Kalmia' on LJ.

From her I ordered a beautiful Baby, The Stars Sine Bright headbow from the 'Strawberry Love Letters' series.

This is my first BTSSB piece and I love it!

The Final package came from ----

The note she sent was so cute!!!

I got a head round to match a dress I bought. The head round is absolutely fantastic!

I feel so elegant and princess like  when wearing it!

Ok, so that was Friday afternoon and now.....on to Saturday!!!!!

 Which gets it's own post ^_~ Lol I promise, it's worthy of it's own post!!!

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