Saturday, June 2, 2012

International Lolita Day ~Spring~ 2012

Hello Lovelies~

 Did you enjoy The first ILD of the year? Did you celebrate in a sea of pink and macaroons? Did you sip tea and surround yourself with good books while dreaming of sunsets in Italy? Did you write dark poetry and tip your nails with blood red jewels? Or maybe you worked and only got to celebrate it in your heart while dreaming of cupcakes and the Hello Kitty  slippers that await you at home! However you celebrated or didn't celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Saturday, regardless.

As for me~! I rocked this holiday in style!

I wore my newest dress, the Pink and Blue Tartan Baby, The Stars Shine Bright dress, which ya'll have seen before, but this time, rather that wear a headdress or bow, I took the dress in a Elegant Hime style in the way I did my hair ^_^

 Here is a different Angle.

I did my hair in a braided side bun, held together by bobie pins, and used my pink mini tiara as an accent, then got creative with a strand of pearls I got for my birthday last year! The effect was stunning and I felt like royalty.

 I even got Mom to dress up in one of my dresses, but I never got a picture of it sadly.

 My mother and I went to the local art museum to see the Egyptian Exhibit but sadly we were unimpressed with the selection on display. Everything was interesting, but it wasn't arranged in any logical way and with so many other people there to see the exhibition as well, it made seeing everything difficult.

We then went to the casinos, because with every 10 point in slot or table games play you get a free buffet, so we figured it would be a fun way to spend a few hours. We went in with $20, walked out with $50, and still only paid $11 for lunch! It was SO good~!

 After that we went to get our nails done as it is a tradition we do every ILD. I got my nails done to match my dress.

O.O....PINK!!!! Lol! It's a very lovely shade. It's called, 'Blonde Date', from OPI.

 After that we came home. I hadn't slept since the previous day and actually fell asleep in the car. I was so sad! but lucky we did come home because I found a package outside my door!!!!!!

I didn't think it would come in so fast, but it did! and While it's not my normal style, I love it ^_^


When I saw it on the mannequin, I thought it was a dress and for $50, I just couldn't pass it up. When it arrived it turns our it's a long t-shirt that was advertised as a T-shirt Dress, but I am much taller than the average Japanese girl, so it's a touch short on me ^^; Not that I mind. It fit's everywhere it promised to and isn't tight or anything! I love it love it love it! and totally play to alter a pair of boots I have to go with it!


So that I was ILD ^_^ I had a blast and am now thinking of brewing a pot of tea to accompany a night of movie watching.

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AnimeTardisFan said...

Oh my gosh! I live just south of you, in Lincoln and I'm planning on celebrating ILD tomorrow! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in Nebraska. Hope you have a nice ILD tomorrow!


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