Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Snap' to it! (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 I was looking through my computer the other day and realized I had tons of photos I have taken, but never actually blogged about. As I was wondering what to do with them all, other than keep them and leave them on my computer because that is a given ^_~, I thought to myself, 'Why not just do a large photo post?'.

So...I am ^_^

 Some are outfit shots, some are outings with friends, and some are random! So let's get to it!!

Dinner out wit my mom!  Isn't she adorable?

And Me! I did my hair up in a giant side bun that night. I should do that style more often.

I have a hard time finding good Chinese food in my area, but I recently found 'The Panda House', which has been there forever, and it was SO good! I even got a cute little carrot and radish flower with my meal. I love food art.

And this was my hair and makeup for the day I found that wonderful restaurant.

Strawberries are big this season. I am really enjoying all of the desert offerings.

 Here we have a Strawberry infused cream puff with real strawberries.

And here we have a strawberries and cream topped pound cake. The cake was dense and soaked up the juice from the strawberries perfectly.

I decided to go a bit casual and got to wear my hair in pigtails! I love pigtails.

This is my friend Alyssa. She is so tiny!!! I sold her my Meta Happy Cake skirt and I loved it, but it only had a 20" waist, so I let it go to a better home.

We all went out to a pizza parlor and we asked for a special made dessert. So this is what we got and it was HUGE!

So big in fact, my mom decided she wanted to Om Nom Nom it, lol.

The other day I came home and found a package on my front steps!

It came with two full sheets of stickers. One from Lisa Frank and the other is Hello Kitty.

The main this was this Beautiful Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress. It is pink and blue tartan, released in 2006. I am the second owner, but you know I'm not one to mind.

Here is it worn with a light petti. It has room for three without looking silly, I swear it!

Look! New Camera!!!I can't wait to Deco it.

My mom just got her Master's Degree!!!! Isn't she beautiful!!! I am so proud of her.

Here she is before the ceremony.

Us at the ceremony.

And later at the party....

My friend Alyssa in her new to her Meta Skirt.

My friend Den.

Alyssa and me! Strangely enough....this is our only picture together o.o

My friend Cj.

Cj, my mom, and a friend of mine Jon.

Me in my pajamas later in the evening. The Pajamas are from Betsy Johnson before she was such a huge name in fashion.

A small treat from a great friend! It's a tiny eraser in the shape of a Japanese doll.

Thanks for looking though my pictures!!! As a special bonus.....look! My roses are in bloom ^_^

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