Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Flowers are Coming Up Roses! part 2

Hello Lovelies ~

 Ok! So my Saturday needed it's own post! It was epic!!! I usually don't fangirl like this, but Oh.....My....God. Guess who was at my local Free Comic Book Day?


Yeah. That's right. Adam Baldwin!!!

 Ok.....geek moment over...ish. ^_~

I wore my new Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Headbow and it added a new twist to an old outfit. I enjoy getting accessories. They are a cheaper way to own the brands you want, but stay within your budget.

My make up for the day.

Autographed picture!!!!

This is Craig. He is a sweet guy I made friends with while in line for Adam's autograph. I love making new friends!

 I didn't get a picture with the group I actually went with, but I did get a new camera!!! I'll have pictures of it up soon.

So that was my weekend!!!!
 How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


MaMMaMoon said...

That`s so sweet. Glad you had a great time! ^^d MMxoxo

Lolitadewdrop said...

Wow it looks like you had an awesome weekend! I am so jealous! :)


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