Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Sweet Savory Snack and the Recipe

Hello Lovelies~

 When the clock strikes midnight, do you ever suddenly get a craving for something? I know I do. I usually crave something sweet, but last night I saw a can of tomato soup and I knew I had to have it. And what goes better with tomato soup that a grilled cheese sandwich!

 Only....I have no bread right now, so I got creative! What you'll need for this snack is as followes...

* 2 flower tortillas
* 1 wedge of soft cheese
* A few slices of harder cheese
* Butter

Where we go!

I am using soft cheese from 'The Laughing Cow'. Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomato, and Basil flavor.

Use one wedge and spread it out on the first tortilla.

Then use a slightly harder cheese and slice thin strips until you are happy with the amount.

 You can use shredded cheese as well, but it might melt faster than slices from a cheese block, so keep that in mind when trying this out yourself.

Place the second tortilla on top and spread butter over it. Then carefully flip it over and place the whole quesadilla butter side down and spread butter over the top. Not to much, just enough to toast either side.

Wait until heated through, then enjoy! The soft cheese will melt faster, which will then blend with the melted cheddar, or colby jack, or what ever other cheese you wish to use.

When paired with tomato soup, this quesadilla has a gentle, sweet, and mild taste!

 Happy Snacking!


Bri said...

mmmm, this sounds so good! :)

AngelShinigami said...

Make sure to try it out! It is so good. ^_^

JeneeNicole said...

I wake up around 2am always feeling SO HUNGRY, but this is mostly because I swap my night schedule out for a day one when I am off work. So my brain is telling me, "IT'S LUNCH TIME!" and waking me from a deep sleep. ;_; How can I be so hungry when I just ate? Lol.


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