Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet tea discoveries and recomendations

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I received a wonderful treat when I got home from a small party I'd been invited to to celebrate getting accepted into Ameristar's Blackjack Dealers' school! It was a great surprise ^_^

You see, I ordered a wonderful Organic tea from a shop on Etsy called, ' Treehouse Herbs '. I ordered the Honey Rose Tea and it's.....beautiful.

It smells like roses with a strong spice undertone. It fills the lungs and pleasantly lingers in the air long after the tin has been closed.

It brews up a dark burgundy color. This tea should only brew for 4 minuets. No longer. It turns bitter and the flavors turn muddy. 3 minuets is good for a lighter taste, but I truly recommend the full 4 minuets.

After the brewing, the tea shifts from a rose smell, to a honey smell. and once sweetened, it really does take on more of the honey taste.

 I always feel like a princess, but sipping this tea while reading a good story...I felt I could close my eyes and when I opened them, I would be in a field full of fairies and butterflies lightly fluttering from flower to flower, gently kissing the petals as if greeting old and new friends alike....

This tea can't be described as anything be beautiful. At $6.45 for an 8oz tin full of the wonderful nectar, it's the best tea investment I've made in the last six months.

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