Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Geo Girl Makeup Review : Strawberry Feilds

Hello Lovelies~

 I love trying new cute products. I found this one at my local Walmart and the packaging is was actually drew me. Packaged in cardboard, wrapped in recycled plastic, natural ingredents, lipstick that softens the lips like a balm, and reasonablly priced!

Sure, it's marketed to pre-teens, but ... the packaging is So cute! Did I mention that? Lol

         I debated between the razzberry and grape flavors, but went for the strawberry instead.

                        The color is a soft sheer pink with just a touch of glitter and shimmer.

The lipstick is a bit gritty but smooths on nicely after a swipe or two. It really has a lot of shimmer. I think it's my favorite part of this whole product. For only $3.95, this was a fun treat that I would totally do again. ^_^

Like I said, very sheer!

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