Monday, March 19, 2012

St.Patrick's Day fun!!

Hello Lovelies~

 Did you have a good weekend? Do anything interesting and fun? I happened to go to a small meet up at one of my favorite restaurants and then we went dancing!

Ok, so first we'll start with the outfit shots...

My Mom! She is trying for a Mori look here. She is just getting into the style, so it's not exact. But she looks awesome no matter the label.

This Brian/Tera he came up from KC for the meet up and he is wearing and Innocent World JSK.

I decided to go with a slightly more Gothic look tonight rather than my normal more sweet styling. I matched my socks to my lipstick and I clipped butterflies in my hair to match my skirt. This outfit was chosen after three phone calls to various friends that couldn't help I finally thought outside the box, and the state, and after back and forthing for an hour. I went with butterflies ^_^

After the pictures we went to Olive Garden! (I love their soup and the deserts are killer!) and I honestly wasn't expecting to meet anyone other than my friend Alyssa there, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet a new friend from the Lolita community I host on Facebook.

Isn't she cute!!! She wore a Bodyline Fruits Parlor skirt and that wonderful hot pink cardigan. Barbie couldn't have worn pink better than she did! I hope we get to hang out again, she was adorable.

This is Alyssa, she is so sweet and huggable. I tried to get a full on picture of her, but five pictures later, I never got one! T^T Lol Oh well.

Brian ordered a 'Toasted Marshmallow' cocktail and I got to have a sip. I'm not one to drink, but this wasn't to bad. Super sweet though, almost to sweet. But well worth it if you are into beautiful drinks.

                                                                    See? Pretty!

We talked and chatted and laughed and had a wonderful night. I hope we can do it again soon.

After Note!!

 Lol. Ok, so I happen to have had a lot of pictures taken of my that night, here are all the pictures I didn't post show in the main post.

Thanks for reading!

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