Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Trip : Part 1 (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 Last week I was lucky enough to go visit my BEST friend in the world. We've known one another since we were in Brownies together. Brownies are level of Girl Scouts for those who may not know. I spent a week in her wonderful company and now that I'm home, I miss her terribly.

But luckily I took about 500 pictures at least! So while going through my pictures, I get to remember all of the fun we had and share it with all of you!

 There are so many pictures that it must be split up over quite a few posts ^^;...I think I may have a problem...or a passion. So I'm thinking of taking a photography course to figure out which option applies to me ^_^

Here I am on the plane heading to D.C. . I wore my Putumayo shirt, Cut off Jean Shorts, a Orange and White fabric headband, and black shoes. It was a very comfy outfit for flying, but still stylish. I never did get a full body shot of my outfit. 5 am is way to early to be taking pictures and I am landing in D.C. before I put on my makeup.

I was SO excited to get to ride a train for the first time in......I forget how many years. Even if it was only for a blip of a moment, I still had fun ^_^

 Kelly met me right when I came out of the doors. It was great to see her after so long. Didn't she look adorable?

I loved her earrings! She got them at a craft show and the were different shapes.

 I used to do this all the time, but I didn't buy them that way. It was usually because I lost one of the set, but sadly, I can no longer wear earrings.

So...what are two girls to do all on their own in a big city? Why...Shopping of course!

 We went to two malls, the first of which had the best chocolate shop in the world!

                o.o  Right?! A full shop filled with Godiva chocolate.

Kelly bought a bucket full of mix and match truffles. We got a selection of Green Apple, Strawberry, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Chocolate Lava.

The packaging was SO pretty! I asked the sales lady to cut the ribbon extra long so I could use it as a accessory. But sadly I forgot it in my friends' car. I hope I can get it back one day >.>....

We each got a free piece of chocolate for being members of Godiva's Chocolate Club. I got the Strawberry Banana Daiquiri truffle and Kelly got the Pistachio one. The were each so yummy! I wish we had a Godiva shop around here.

              This is a picture of everything we bought and because we got so much, we got a free gift!

If you ever get a chance to try these, I recommend them, thick and creamy and .....Oh I wish I could've brought some home. But I don't think they would've traveled well.

As an extra treat, we got milkshakes!!!!!

 Oh my so so good! Mine is the triple chocolate one on the right and the white chocolate strawberry flavor belonged two Kelly.

After that, we went to another mall, twice the size of the last mall This was my first impression...

That's right my loves! Bloomingdales! They had so many amazing brands and I even got to go into a Louis Vuitton!  I wanted to get a pretty scarf to tie around my purse, but at $85, it was to much for me T^T 

 Oh well. One day I'll get one! A pretty pink one with the world map on it!

After that we went to get a snack. It was my first time at a conveyer belt sushi bar! I loved it!!! But it had the potential to get expensive, so we only had a light snack to keep us going.

It was pay by the plate color. Yellow was the cheapest at $2 and Red was the most expensive at $5.50.

After that we did a bit ( A LOT ) more shopping and then grocery shopping, and then we went home and spent the rest of the night on the couch playing Sims3, cooking, and generally catching up with one another.

 It was a wonderful day!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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